Europe History GK MCQS Practice Test


European History General Knowledge Multiple Choice Questions Practice Test

(1) The Congress of Verona was summoned in:
(a) 1842
(b) 1862
(c) 1822
(d) None of these

(2) Talleyrand was __________ diplomat.
(a) British
(b) French
(c) Austrian
(d) Russian
(e) None of these

(3) The concordat and the codes remind of:
(a) Napoleon
(b) Bismarck
(c) Garibaldi
(d) None of these

(4) In the plebiscite of 1802 Napoleon was made the first council for:
(a) Ten years
(b) Five years
(c) Life
(d) None of these

(5) Metternich become Chief Minister of ___________ in 1809.
(a) Prussia
(b) France
(c) Austria
(d) None of these

(6) Carlsbad decrees of 1819 related mainly to the activities of:
(a) Factory owners and Labourers
(b) Teachers and students
(c) Landlords and Peasants
(d) None of these

(7) Zollverein was a:
(a) Labour Union
(b) Customs Union
(c) Students Union
(d) None of these
(8) The Marshall Plan was announced in:
(a) June 1947
(b) April 1947
(c) September 1945
(d) None of these

(9) The Social Democratic Party in Russia came to be divided into the following two Sections. Which of these was headed by Lenin?
(a) Bolsheviks
(b) Mensheviks
(c) None of these

(10) Under Lenin, who raised the Red Army in Russia and was appointed as Commander of War?
(a) Stalin
(b) Trotsky
(c) Kerensky
(d) None of these

(11) Which British Prime Minister confronted problems after the Suez Crisis of 1956:
(a) Anthony Eden
(b) Harold Macmillan
(c) Clement Attlee
(d) None of these

(12) Mustafa Kamal Ataturk was President of Turkey for:
(a) Eight years
(b) Twelve years
(c) Sixteen years
(d) None of these
(13) The Spanish people overthrow their ruler Isabella in:
(a) 1870
(b) 1868
(c) 1858
(d) None of these

(14) Alsace and Lorraine were given by France to Germany by the Treaty of:
(a) Berlin
(b) Frankfort
(c) Paris
(d) None of these
(15) The author(s) of the Book “Europe Since Napoleon” is/are:
(a) E. H. Carr
(b) A. J. P. Taylor
(c) D. Thompson
(d) Derry and Jarman
(e) None of these

(16) The aircraft carrier “Courageous” sunk by the Germans, belonged to:
(a) France
(b) England
(c) Russia
(d) None of these

(17) The Atlantic Charter was issued on:
(a) August: 14, 1940
(b) August: 14, 1941
(c) August: 14, 1942
(d) None of these

(18) The Headquarters of the UNO are placed at:
(a) Hague
(b) Washington
(c) New York
(d) None of these

(19) The Marshall Plan was adopted in:
(a) 1645
(b) 1946
(c) 1947
(d) None of these

(20) Burma got independence from England in:
(a) September 1947
(b) January 1948
(c) March 1948
(d) None of these


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