MCQs GK Interview Quiz with Answers


MCQ GK Interview Quiz Questions with Answers

The Boston Tea Incident took place in 1773

Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867

Camp David is located in Maryland

The first Secretary of State of the US was: Jefferson

Panama Canal was officially opened in the year: 1914

Bill Clinton was President of United States: 42nd

Which state is known as the sunshine state: Florida

The Capital of New York State is: Albany

The US entered the Second World War in 1941

The First Bank of the United States was: City worker’s operated

American Women got the right to vote in 1920

The only President who was elected more than twice: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Who is known as the father of the constitution: James Madison

Supreme court of the USA was established in 1789

Statue of Liberty was donated to the USA by: France

1st chief justice of the USA was: J.Jay

1st university to be found in the USA was: Harvard

1st capital of the USA was: New York

George Washington became president in: 1789

Thomas Jefferson was the president of America. Third


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