Psychological Test conducted in 2006


I wrote all this ,right coming back from the psychological test for one of my friend who had to appear from Other centre.(this was lying idle u know , in my mail box . so I thought lets put it on forum.

Ours was Quetta centre and it was first in row.

There is lot of Good Stuff available here already in the forum , regarding what to wear , how to behave oneself and how to keep nerves strong and so on .So here I m just posting actual content we had to face in those two days..

First day (very hectic day indeed)

First, test

you will be handed over a booklet with one hundred questions and allotted time for completion of it is just 50 minutes:

it is as following:

first, there will be synonyms some 10 or 12 next will be opposite words…those too some ten or twelve. then relationship between the words…something like analogies.
…there were series…containing Abs format .. and numbers… then there were questions of series of order… keeping the words in order….for example…
” head ,toe, thigh , knee,abdomen n etc…” now u have to put them in order…like toe, knee , thigh ,abdomen, head… ” for all these question u have to only answer by selecting
one of the options given.. there…

further… questions were related to such as…. ” two days before was Sunday, after nine days preceding the day before yesterday…tell what will be the day” this is simple example… so just do practice on such
Further , there were questions regarding to some statements…which had some sort of similar relationship which was to be found out….

there were many other things.. too .. but this is what I can recall at the moment. but I would like to recommend here the book…of intelligence test by Ibrahim bhatti..”
all the questions that came in the test were of similar nature as given in that book.. so u may refer the book..

The second test :

contained some of the statements from which conclusion had to be drawn… 8 minutes were given for that and we had to complete some 12 questions..

example: is pilot
2. aslam is smoker
3. aslam and ahmed are friends..
4.saleem is a pilot.
now u will have following options from where u have to draw conclusions.. for example:
1.Mrs. aslam is smoker
2. saleem is friend of aslam
3. mrs. aslam is pilot
4. pilots are smokers.
5. some pilots are smokers.
now u have to write in for no 1, 2 , 3 , 4 ,5 in whether , true, false or uncertain.
this is simple example but in the test there were some complicated, only ur practice and quick response will enable u to have full credit.
in the instructions it was emphasized that candidate who answers all will be given full credit….. so practice of all this is a must.

third test :

contained writing of autobiography of ur own…….. where u have to relate events of importance in ur view… time allotted for this is ten minutes.

fourth test

contains on some twenty or so question regarding to ur personality assessment.
following are some that I can recall……time allotted for this is 25 minutes…
: your personality traits…
: fondest memories of your childhood.
: major events of 2006 and their importance …you have to write the importance of it in given space of one line.
:your favorite books and why do u like them .. some four books.
: your favorite personalities ( living any two.)
: the decisions u took independently.
: decisions which were most difficult for u to take and their effects in ur life.
: do u think corruption has become inevitable .? if yes why?
: only merits of your own.
: merits and demerits of your parents ( mother and father under separate heading)
: how much those qualities of your parents have an effect over ur personality.
: the things which make u proud of your self.
: what frustrate you
… in your family ,… amongst your friend.. and in your working conditions….
: have u attended any academy for preparation of css….(this is optional if u have attended you can write if not leave it writing N.A)
: how much expenses had u to bear while attending academy
: and how much that have been of any use to u.
: have you read holy Quran with meaning.
: do u read holy Quran regularly
: do u offer prayer daily:

there were some other questions too that i cant recall…

Fifth test:

sentence completion… for this allotted time will be some 8 minutes and sentences to be completed will be some 32 .. 15 seconds for each..
you have to be spontaneous and quick.. many half sentences were given which connoted negative meaning and our task was to convert it into positive . this requires quickness of mind and much practice.. …. i had to even leave some of the sentences…

Sixth test:

pattern figures.. and non- verbal type… perhaps some 36 questions were given which were to be answered in forty minutes.

seventh test:

there were some 160 questions which were to be answered in yes or no or uncertain. questions are very easy .what you have to do is to concentrate on the questions moving ahead… as, many questions are repeated but with different tone and words . time for this was (i don’t remember exactly) but i can tell you that u will be


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