PAK STUDIES 150+ MCQs For All Jobs in Pakistan

Pak Studies Important Mcqs for jobs

PAK STUDIES 150+ MCQs For All Jobs in Pakistan

Hey, Today in this article we are going to give you the 150+ Pak Studies MCQs For All Jobs in Pakistan with answers  These MCQs are taken from various Jobs tests such as National Testing Service, CSS, PMS, KPPSC, PPSC and other competitive exams of Pakistan.

  1. The Wazir Khan Mosque in? Lahore
  2. Bahram Khan was a tutor of? Hamayun and Akbar
  3. First between Babur against Ibrahim Lodi in?1526 A.D
  4. First between Babur against Ibrahim Lodi in? 1526 A.D
  5. Malik Ghazi is the real name of? Ghayasud din Tagluq (1st Tuglaq sultan)
  6. The state promoted canal irrigation system was initiated by? Feroz shah Taghluq
  7. The Lodi Dynasty was founded by? Bahlol Lodhi
  8. The Syed Dynasty was founded by? Khizar Khan
  9. The Buland Darwaza is situated at? Fatehpur Sikri
  10. Din-e-Elahi was a new religion invented in? 1582
  11. Noor Jahan was beloved? Queen of Jahangir
  12. Amir Khusro is called the? Parrot of India
  13. The biggest Mosque built by? Shahjehan
  14. Arya Samaaj was founded by?Dayanand Sirasoti
  15. Arya Samaaj was founded in?1875
  16. Wardha scheme written by? Zakir Hussain
  17. In India the first gate of entrance of Europeans was? Bengal
  18. Tomb of Hamayun is in? Delhi
  19. Tomb of Jahangir is at? Lahore
  20. The real name of Noor Jehan was? Mahr-un-Nisa
  21. “Transit Trade Agreement” between Pakistan and Afghanistan in? 1965
  22. “My Leader” a biography of Quaid-e-Azam was written by?A. Sulari
  23. British occupied Punjab in? 1849
  24. British occupied Sindh in? 1843
  25. British occupied Baluchistan in? 1839
  26. Privatization Programed began in Pakistan in? 1991
  27. From Peshawar to Landi Kotal there are? 34 tunnels
  28. Dera Adam Khel is called gun factory of the? tribal areas
  29. “Kishan Ganga Dam” of India is building up on river Neelam in? Kashmir
  30. Pakistan recognized People’s Republic China in? 1950
  31. The resting place of Imam Bukhari is in? Uzbekistan
  32. The ‘Silver Fibre’ of Pakistan is? cotton
  33. Maulana Zafar Ali Khan was the chief editor of? Zamindar
  34. Which Muslim newspaper supported the Nehru Report? Zamindar
  35. Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulak prepared? the points Simla Depotation
  36. ‘Marala’ Headworks has been constructed on? River Chenab
  37. District Swat belongs to? Malakand Division
  38. The biggest market of Pakistan export and import is? USA
  39. The system of ‘Separate Electorate’ first introduced in Pakistan? 1985
  40. When water accord between provinces? 1991
  41. Where Rawal dam constructed on? river kurrang
  42. Doab between river Ravi and Chenab is called? Rachna Doab
  43. Bala Hisar fort built by? Babar
  44. Who administrated the oath of Prime minister to liaqat Ali khan? Muhamad Ali Jinnah
  45. Where copper deposits in? Chaghi
  46. Who supported Pakistan resolution from sindh province? Abdullah Haroon
  47. Where is Chandka Medical College? in Larkana
  48. Where artificial forest is are being maintained in? Changa Manga
  49. Which is Pakistan’s 2nd largest foreign exchange earner crop is? Rice
  50. Rehmat Ali coined word Pakistan in “Now or Never” pamphlet in? 1933
  51. C R formula prepared by? Rajagopalachari
  52. When East Pakistan separated from West Pakistan? 16th December 1971
  53. When the Simla Accord was signed? July 3- 1972
  54. What is length of Pakistan-India border? 1610 km
  55. After how many years did Pakistan get her first constitution? 9 years
  56. When first constitution of Pakistan was enforced? 23rd March 1956
  57. In which constitution Bicameral Legislature was provided for the first time? 1973
  58. When did Pakistan become member of United Nations? 30th Sep 1947
  59. Which country opposed Pakistan’s membership in United Nations? Afghanistan
  60. When zakat ordinance promulgated? 20 June 1980
  61. “Pathway to Pakistan” book was written by? khalique Zaman
  62. Fatima Jinnah Joined AIML in? 1937
  63. Who prepared Pirpur report? Raja Syed Mehdi (1938)
  64. When Quid-e-Azam met M.K Gandhi 1st time in? 1916 Lucknow
  65. Who is secretary of state for India in cabinet mission? Lord Pathetic Lawrence
  66. Share of Punjab in Pakistan by? area is 25.8%
  67. Liaqar-Nehru Pact on? April 8, 1950
  68. Mast Tawakli was poet of? Balochi language
  69. Kahuta Laboratories established in? 1976
  70. Pakistan joined ILO on? September 14- 1947
  71. Nuclear power plant in Pakistan was established in? 1972
  72. Baba Farid is? 1st Punjabi poet
  73. Durand line was demacrated in? 1893
  74. Pakistan’s first missile is? Haft-I
  75. Decimal system introduced in Pakistan on? 1st January 1961
  76. Arya Samaaj was founded in1875 by? Dayananda Sarasvati
  77. The first Pakistani Postal stamp was issued in? July 1948
  78. Name of Governor General after Nazim-ud-Din? Ghulam Muhammad
  79. Real name of Tipu Sultan was? Fateh Ali
  80. “Khaki Shadows” book was written by?M. Arif
  81. Buddhist emperor Ashoka belonged? Mauryan Dynasty
  82. State of Kashmir was purchased by? Ghulab Singh for Rs.7.5 million
  83. Kashf-al-Mahjoob was written by? Hazrat Ali Hajveri
  84. Fort William College” was established at? Calcutta (1600)
  85. Kingdom of Khwarzim was destroyed in? 1218-20 AD by Changaiz Khan
  86. Fourteen Points was presented by? Jinah on 28 March 1929 at Delhi
  87. Pakistan’s first expedition land on Antarctica? On January 15, 1991
  88. First Provincial elections after establishment of Pakistan were held in? 1951
  89. First edition of Asar-us-Sanadid appeared in1846 by? Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
  90. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan became Chief Judge In? 1846
  91. A.Bhutto wrote the book? “Great Tragedy”
  92. Third Afghan War, Afghanistan gained its independence in? 1921
  93. Afghanistan gained its independence in? 1921
  94. Afghanistan is separated from Central Asia by? Oxus River
  95. Ghulam Muhammad Barrage is also called? Kotri Barrage
  96. Chief election commissioner office term for? 3years
  97. Census is made after once in? a decade
  98. Another name of Haft III missile is? Gazdnavi
  99. General Ayyub khan is the first elected ?President
  100. A Bhutto is the first elected PM of? Pakistan
  101. Chaghi is the biggest? district
  102. Kalaat is the largest Division of? Pakistan
  103. Mother tongue of Quaid-e-Azam was? Gujrat
  104. Allama Iqbal qualified as PhD scholar from? Munich University, Germany
  105. “Jinnah of Pakistan” and “Zulfi of Pakistan” was written? by Stanely Wolpert
  106. Islamabad was made capital in the year? 1959
  107. Radcliffe was a lawyer by? profession
  108. Day of deliverance was observed on? 22 Dec- 1939
  109. Sir Sikindar Hayat was Chief Minister of Punjab in? 1937
  110. Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan presented? ‘Chenab Formula’ to resolve the Kashmir dispute
  111. Dalhousie introduced the principle of? the Doctrine of Lapse
  112. Nobel Prize Winner in 1979 in physics? Abdus Salam
  113. Habib Bank provided 80 million loans for making 1st budget of? Pakistan
  114. Sher Shah’s real name was? Farid Khan
  115. Nightingale Florence (belongs to France) was a Nurse? in Creamin war
  116. Pakistan won gold medal for the first time in Olympics? 1960
  117. Babusar Pass connects? Abbottabad and Gilgit
  118. Pakistan’s first Constituent Assembly constituted on? July 20-1947
  119. Saddat Dynasty was founded by? Khizar Khan in 1414
  120. Baglihar Dam is located in Doda district on? river Chenab
  121. The first airline of Pakistan is? Orient Airline
  122. Senate of Pakistan is consisting of? 104 members
  123. Zakir Hussain was the? first Muslim president of India
  124. The last day of the Quaid-e-Azam was written by? Illahi Bukhsh
  125. Boundary agreement with China was signed in? 1963
  126. LFO was promulgated on 30th March, 1970 by? Yahya Khan.
  127. PNSC established on? 1st March 1979
  128. Simla Agreement signed between Z.A. Bhutto and Indra Gandhi on? July 3- 1972
  129. Steel Mill founded in 1973 with the aid of USSR in? Bin Qasim
  130. Pakistan joined OIC in? 1969
  131. Pakistan joined NAM in? 1979
  132. Pakistan joined CTBT in ?1978
  133. Pakistan joined SAARC in? 1985
  134. Hudood ordinance enforced on? 10 -February- 1979
  135. Faiz Ahmed Faiz got Lenin Prize in? 1962
  136. When President Zia-ul-Haq enforced an interim constitution? 1981
  137. What is the old name of Pakpatan? Ajudhan
  138. Who is the founder of Unionist Party? Sir Fazal Hussain
  139. The first successful evening paper from Lahore is? Sahafat
  140. Lord Harding was the author of? ‘My India Years’
  141. Treaty of Lausane was signed in? 1923
  142. The book ‘verdict on India’ was written by? Beverlay Nickolas
  143. Neelum River flows into? Jehlum
  144. Gilgit Agency was set up in? 1873
  145. Satpara Lake is located near? Skardu
  146. Mahabat khan Mosque was destroyed by? fire
  147. What is the ranking of Thar Desert in the world? 9
  148. Area around the river is known as? Bela
  149. Cease-fire line case into existence in? 1949
  150. Pakistan established its first Atomic Energy Institute on? January- 1956
  151. Shaikh Ismail the saint, who first came in? Lahore
  152. When was the local govt.system under the devolution of power plan, 2001, inaugurated?aug -14-2001
  153. When Pakistan got first loan from USA? 1952
  154. In which year Quaid-e-Azam went into self-exile in London? 1931
  155. Gandhi called? Pakistan Resolution a Moral wrong
  156. How many Mughal emperors ruled over sub-continent? 17
  157. Who constructed five canals to remove scarcity of water? Feroz Shah Tughlaq
  158. Who is the author of “Hunter par Hunter”? Maulana Zafar Ali khan
  159. The Indian forces occupy the state of Jammu and Kashmir on? Oct- 27- 1947
  160. Defence Pact between USA and Pakistan? April-1954

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