Caretaker Lahore High Court Solved Past Papers 2019

Caretaker Lahore High Court Solved Past Paper

Caretaker Lahore High Court Solved Past Papers 2019

Test of Caretaker Lahore High Court included mcqs from Computer and MS Office, Synonyms & Antonyms, Direct Indirect, Pair of Words, Idioms, Active Passive Voice from English, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Pak Affairs, Mathematics mcqs, etc.

Caretaker Lahore High Court Solved Past Paper PG-1


  1. “Folketing” is the parliament of:
    (A) France
    (B) Italy
    (C) China
    (D) Denmark 


  1. Who among the following is titled as “Tiger of Mysore”?
    (A) Mir Muin-ud-Din
    (B) Fateh Muhammad
    (C) HyderAli
    (D) Tipu Sultan


  1. The Red Sea is an inlet of the Indian Ocean between:
    (A) North America and Africa
    (B) Africa and Europe
    (C) Asia and Europe
    (D) Africa and Asia


  1. What is the Nationality of Pope Francis of Vatican?
    (A) American
    (B) British
    (C) Brazil
    (D) Argentine


  1. Lake “Saif-ul-Maluk” is located in:
    (A) Baluchistan
    (B) Sindh
    (C) Kaghan Valley 
    (D) Swat


  1. If you rearrange the letters “RAPIS” you would get the name of a well-known:
    (A) Country
    (B) Animal
    (C) City 
    (D) Ocean


  1. Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park is located rear the city of:
    (A) Multan
    (B) Bahawalpur

(C) Lahore

(D) Rawalpindi

  1. Hassan Nasoraliah” is the leader of:
    (A) Hamas
    (B) Hezbullah 
    (C) Jundullah
    (D) PLO


  1. Ferdinand Marcos was an autocratic ruler of:
    (A) Hawaii
    (B) Colombia
    (C) . Liberia
    (D) Philippines 


  1. The Medulla Oblongata is a part of human:
    (A) Heart
    (B) Brain 
    (C) Reproductive System
    (D) Large Intestine


  1. The author of “Anna Karenina” was:
    (A) George Orville
    (B) Enid Blyton
    (C) Leo Tolstoy 
    (D) Mark Twain


  1. In July 2018, Pakistan Navy signed a contract for acquisition of four warships from:
    (A) Russia
    (B) China
    (C) Turkey 
    (D) USA


  1. A buffer state is?
    (A) Financially Weak State
    (B) State under UN Sanctions
    (C) A Small State between two big hostile States 
    (D) A state encircled by hostile States


  1. Name of the Prime Minister of India at the time of the 1965 War:
    (A) Indira Gandhi
    (B) Lai Bahadur Shastri 
    (C) Morarji Desai
    (D) Sanjay Gandhi


  1. HTML is the basic language used to create:
    (A) Databases
    (B) Spreadsheets
    (C) Web pages 
    (D) Desktop publishing


  1. Physiotherapy deals with:
    (A) Heart disease
    (B) Immobility of joints and muscles 
    (C) Brain damage
    (D) Drug addiction


  1. A trillion has how many zeros:
    (A) 10
    (B) 9
    (C) 12 
    (D) 13


  1. Which of the following files have an ‘mpg’ extension?
    (A) Audio
    (B) Image
    (C) Video 
    (D) Flash


  1. The treaty of Versailles ended the:
    (A) World War I
    (B) World War II
    (C) French Revolution
    (D) None of these


  1. Which country won most FIFA World Cups?
    (A) Brazil 
    (B) Germany
    (C) Italy
    (D) None of these


  1. Sun is a:
    (A) Planet
    (B) Comet
    (C) Asteroid
    (D) None of these 


  1. Which team was the runner up- in Pakistan Super League 2018?
    (A) Quetta Gladiators
    (B) Karachi Kings
    (C) Peshawar Zalmi 
    (D) Islamabad United


  1. Which desert stretches over the districts of Mianwali, Bhakkar, Khushab and D.G Khan?
    (A) Thar Desert
    (B) Thai Desert 
    (C) Cholistan Desert
    (D) Kharan Desert


  1. Which of the following is divisible by 2, 3 and 5?
    (A) 390 
    (B) 575
    (C) 590
    (D) 675


  1. In MS Word 2007, to extend a selection to the end of a word, press keys from keyboard.


  1. Which keystroke combination selects the entire document?
    (A) Ctrl + A 
    (B) Alt + F8
    (C) Shift + Ctrl + A
    (D) Alt + A


  1. Sound cannot travel through:
    (A) Air
    (B) Sand
    (C) Vacuum 
    (D) Water


  1. In 1787, the original constitution of USA was drafted at a Constitutional Convention held at:
    (A) Philadelphia 
    (B) Washington
    (C) Chicago
    (D) New York


  1. The World’s famous Madame I Tussaud’s museum is situated in:
    (A) Paris
    (B) London 
    (C) Rome
    (D) New York


  1. Economic Cooperation Organization I (ECO) is a successor organization of I Regional Cooperation for I Development (RCD) which was I founded in:
    (A) 1963
    (B) 1964 
    (C) 1965
    (D) 1966

Caretaker BS-16 Solved Past Paper PG-2


  1. In a one Kilometre race A beats B by I 28 meters in 7 seconds. Find out the* time taken by A to finish the race.
    (A) 4 mins 3 secs
    (B) 3 mins 4 secs
    (C) 5 mins
    (D) 4 mins 20 secs 


  1. International Court of Justice is located in ______ city.
    (A) Paris
    (B) Luxembourg
    (C) Brussels
    (D) The Hague 


  1. The Light House of Alexandria’ was among the seven wonders of the world. It is located in:
    (A) Turkey
    (B) Egypt 
    (C) Greece
    (D) Italy


  1. Which of the following functions as the central bank of Pakistan?
    (A) NBP
    (B) BOP
    (C) CBP
    (D) SBP 


  1. Meteorology is the science of:
    (A) Weather 
    (B) Earth
    (C) Metal
    (D) Earthquake


  1. User developed instructions for Excel are called:
    (A) Programs
    (B) Macros 
    (C) Procedures
    (D) All of these


  1. Ankara is the Capital of:
    (A) Greece
    (B) Egypt
    (C) Cyprus
    (D) Turkey 


  1. In which city is the Eiffel Tower located?
    (A) Paris 
    (B) Vienna
    (C) Lyon
    (D) Pisa


  1. An Interim Government was formed in India in 1946. Who was nominated as its Prime Minister?
    (A) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru 
    (B) LordWavell
    (C) LiaquatAli Khan
    (D) None of these


  1. The 1970 elections in East Pakistan were swept by:
    (A) PPP
    (B) NAP
    (C) AL 
    (D) Jl


  1. Name the political party launched by Air MarshalAsghar Khan in 1970?
    (A) Pakistan Democratic Party
    (B) Justice Party of Pakistan
    (C) Tehreek-e-lnsaf
    (D) Tehreek-e-lstaqlal 


  1. Which of the following districts of Punjab are the main cotton growing areas?
    (A) Gujranwala, Sheikhupura Sialkot
    (B) Vehari.-Multan, Bahawalpur 
    (C) Faisalabad, Jhang, Sargodha
    (D) Chakwal, Jhelum, Rawalpindi


  1. What is LINUX?
    (A) A Malware
    (B) An Operating System 
    (C) An Application Program
    (D) An Anti Virus


  1. The capital city of China is:
    (A) Shanghai
    (B) Shenzhen
    (C) Tianjin
    (D) Beijing 


  1. If 3/11 of a number is 22, what is 6/11 of that number?
    (A) 6
    (B) 12
    (C) 33
    (D) 44 


  1. The Span Valley is the site of an ancient civilization and is situated in:
    (A) Baluchistan plateau
    (B) Pothohar Plateau 
    (C) Azad Kashmir
    (D) Northern Areas


  1. Amjad Sabri, assassinated on 22 June 2016, was son of Ghulam Fareed Sabri. Name the brother of Ghulam Fareed Sabri, with whom he formed one of the most famous Qawwal party in Pakistan?
    (A) Maqbool Sabri   
    (B) Raziuddin Sabri
    (C) Ayaz Sabri
    (D) Rahat Sabri


  1. In MS Word, what is the function of ‘CTRL+R’?
    (A) Open the printdialogue
    (B) Update the current web page
    (C) Close the current window
    (D) Right Align the text


  1. A compact disc that can be written, read many times, erased and written again is called:
    (A) CD-ROM
    (B) CD-RW 
    (C) CDO
    (D) CAD


  1. Uch Sharif’s most famous monument is the tomb of:
    (A) Bibi Jawindi 
    (B) Nawab Salahuddin Abbasi
    (C) Maulvi Barkhudar
    (D) Shams Tabrezi


  1. Which of the following combination of keys is used to close active window?
    (A) CTRL + F1
    (B) CTRL + F2
    (C) CTRL + F3
    (D) CTRL + F4


  1. After America the largest numbers of Nobel Laureates are from:
    (A) United Kingdom 
    (B) Germany
    (C) France
    (D) Switzerland


  1. The 10th BRIGS Summit in July 2018 took place in:
    (A) Russia
    (B) China
    (C) South America
    (D) South Africa 


  1. The world’s largest salt water lake is:
    (A) Baikal
    (B) Superior
    (C) Caspian Sea 
    (D) None of these


  1. 18th Amendment in 1973 Constitution stripped the powers of:
    (A) Prime Minister
    (B) Presidents
    (C) Chief Executive
    (D) Chairman NAB


  1. Which of the following novels was written by the famous writer of Pakistani origin, Bapsi Sidhwa?
    (A) Moth Smoke
    (B) A Suitable Boy
    (C) Crow Eaters
    (D) Exploding Mangoes


  1. Shah of Iran Reza Shah Pehlavi was ousted from power by a revolution in the year:
    (A) 1976
    (B) 1977
    (C) 1978
    (D) 1979 


  1. 18 is 75% of which value?
    (A) 34
    (B) 24 
    (C) 22
    (D) 20


  1. In computing, what does BICS stand for?
    (A) Basic Input  Output System 
    (B) Binary Jnput  ✓Output System
    (C) Basic Internet  ✓Output System
    (D) Broad Internet  ✓Output System


  1. Computer software company “Microsoft” located in:
    (A) Spain
    (B) U.S.A. 
    (C) Japan
    (D) Italy


PPSC Caretaker Solved Past Paper PG-3


  1. T he main function of Kidneys is:
    (A To control blood pressure
    (B) To control blood temperature
    (C) To remove waste products from body 
    (D) To help in digestion of food


  1. A sum of Rs.12,500 amounts to Rs. 15,500 in 4 years after interest. What is the rate of interest?
    (A) 3% 
    (B) 5%
    (C) 6%
    (D) 7%


  1. House of Lords is the Upper House of the Parliament of:
    (A) U.K. 
    (B) U.S.A.
    (C) Sweden
    (D) France


  1. ‘Plutocracy ‘is such a government which is run by:
    (A) Scholars
    (B) liberates
    (C) Wealthy class 
    (D) Poor Class


  1. What is the speed of a car that trayels 700 km in 3 hours and 30 minutes?
    (A) 150 km/h
    (B) 175 km/h
    (C) 185 km/h
    (D) 200 km/h


  1. On 2 November 2011, an organization was established to discuss peace and stability in Afghanistan, called?
    (A) Pivot Asia
    (B) SCO
    (C) Asia Forum
    (D) Heart of Asia 


  1. ‘Spratly Islands’ in the South China Sea are, disputed between China and:
    (A) Vietnam 
    (B) Malaysia
    (C) Philippines
    (D) All of these


  1. Dialysis is process used for cleaning:
    (A) Liver
    (B) Kidneys 
    (C) Gall Bladder
    (D) Heart


  1. Name the youngest Pakistani to be awarded the Nishan-i-Haider:
    (A) Havaldar Laiak Jan
    (B) Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar
    (C) Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas
    (D) Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz


  1. Satyagraha was started by:
    (A) Jawaharlal Nehru
    (B) Jiv Shankar
    (C) Anil Shetty
    (D) Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

 (The term satyagraha was coined and developed by Mahatma Gandhi (1869–1948). He deployed satyagraha in the Indian independence movement and also during his earlier struggles in South Africa for Indian rights.)


  1. If x’ + y = 6, y + z = 7, and z + x = 9, the average (arithmetic mean) of x, y and z is:
    (A) 11/3 
    (B) 11/2
    (C) 22/3
    (D) 11


  1. 014 = ?
    (A) 0,196
    (B) 19.6
    (C) 0.00196
    (D) 0.000196 


  1. Reports by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) as well as the Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) have alerted that Pakistan will reach absolute water scarcity by the year:
    (A) 2020
    (B) 2022
    (C) 2025 
    (D) 2028


  1. Who wrote “Principia Ethica”?
    (A) Moore 
    (B) Ross
    (C) Hare
    (D) Mill


  1. Napoleon Bonaparte was:
    (A) French 
    (B) German
    (C) British
    (D) Italian


  1. Find the odd one out: 8, 27, 64, 100, 125, 216, 343
    (A) 27
    (B) 100 
    (C) 125
    (D) 343


  1. The Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-lsIam was founded in 1884 with the objective:
    (A) For social gathering among Muslims of Punjab
    (B) To help Muslims to secure Government jobs
    (C) To encourage non-communal approach to provincial problems.
    (D) To defend Islam against the onslaughts of the missionaries and provide western education along with religious instructions.   


  1. Abdul purchased 20 dozen of toys at the rate of Rs. 375 per dozen. He sold each toy for Rs. 33. What was his percentage profit?
    (A) 3.5%
    (B) 4.5%
    (C) 5.6% 
    (D) 6.5%


  1. 2x-10 = 20 then x-5 = ?
    (A) 5
    (B) 10 
    (C) 15
    (D) 20


  1. Which of the following discoveries in 1928 has brought great revolution in medical history?
    (A) Vitamin C
    (B) Aspirin
    (C) Penicillin 
    (D) None of these


  1. When was the Liaquat Ali Khan assassinated in Rawalpindi?
    16 August, 1951
    16 September, 1951
    16 October, 1951 
    16 November, 1951


  1. The book “On the Origin of Species” was written by:
    (A) Network
    (B) Einstein
    (C) Darwin 
    (P) Dickens


  1. The first Computer was invented by Charles Babbage of:
    (A) America
    (B) Britain 
    (C) Finland
    (D) Germany


  1. Who is the current Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan?
    (A) Ayaz Sadiq
    (B) Qasim Suri
    (C) Asad Qaiser 
    (D) Murtaza Javed Abbasi


  1. ‘Simly Dam’ is built on river:
    (A) Johlum
    (B) Korang
    (C) Soan 
    (D) Gomal


  1. Mirza Ghalib was a contemporary of:
    (A) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
    (B) Aljama Iqbal
    (C) Aurangzeb Alamgir
    (D) Shah Waliullah


  1. Old name of Squash is
    (A) Rackets 
    (B) Binfel
    (C) Steel hit
    (D) Green ball


  1. Martial Law 1 in Pakistan was
    (A) Oil
    (B) Telecom
    (C) Gas 
    (D) Fertilizer


Caretaker Lahore High Court Solved Past Paper PG-4




  1. In Pakistan the Monsoon season lasts from:
    (A) April to may
    (B) May to June
    (C) June to December
    (D) July to September


  1. In terms of temperature the hottest place In Pakistan is:

(A) Multan

(B) Jacobabad

(C) Sibi

(D) Hyderabad

(The highest temperature ever recorded in Pakistan is 53.5 °C which was recorded in Moenjo Daro, Sindh on 26 May 2010.)



i. A sum of money is divided among Hamza, Osama and Mohsin in the ratio 15 : 18 : 7. What is the total sum of money; if the smallest share is Rs. 3990?
(A) 28000
(B) 22800
(C) 15960
(D) 760


ii. If Asif is standing in a queue in such a way that he is sixth in the queue from ether side, then how many people are there in the queue?
(A) 11
(B) 9
(C) 12
(D) 14




i. Which one of the following is antonym of “Picayune” while others are synonyms?
(A) Piddling
(B) Trifling
(C) Colossal 
(D) Trivial


ii. Idiom “To cut long story short” means?
(A) Tell the story briefly
(B) Come to the point 
(C) Miss the main points
(D) None of above


iii. I am intent _____.
(A) for winning
(B) of winning
(C) on winning
(D) to win



i. When a gas turns into a liquid, the process is called:
(A) Condensation

(B) Evaporation
(C) Deposition
(D) Sublimation


ii. Yeast used in making of bread is a:
(A) Fungus
(B) Plant
(C) Bacteria
(D) Seed



i. Windows 2007 is a(an):
(A) Application Software
(B) Word Processor
(C) Operating System
(D) None of these


ii. URL is an abbreviation of:
(A) Uniform Resource Locator
(B) Uniform Room Locator
(C) Universal Resource Locator
(D) Universal Room Locator


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