Dangers of Imperfect Democracy Essay

Dangers of imperfect democracy an essay

Dangers of Imperfect Democracy

Dangers of imperfect democracy is written by Prof. Col (r) M. Zahur-ul-Haq, Pakistan Movement Gold Medalist. The writer has  focused on the different aspects of democracy and highlighted the role of dictatorship in this essay.

 “Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.” Franklin d Roosevelt

Abstract of Essay

In a perfect democracy dictatorship is not possible. Dictatorship strikes under conditions of imperfect democracy when political circumstance so the state worsen beyond repair. With feudalism at the helm of affairs the advent of real democracy is blocked. Feudalism is neither democratic nor Islamic. It is greedy, immoral, exploitative and inefficient. It is by itself a worst kind of unethical, cruel dictatorship. It has done immense harm to Pakistan since its inception. It was responsible for separation of East Pakistan. It has grabbed 90% of nation’s wealth and turned majority of the population destitute. Perfect democracy can come only of people elect representative out of their own class and hot the feudal to form the government. Otherwise it is nothing more than a dictatorship of the feudals for the feudals which is an open invitation to a bloody revolution. The prevailing system is unable to ring in such change. An outside force such as a military General, as officer on special duty, with his necessary supporting staff, is needed for a short period, with power and vision to bring about the desired change. Without involving the army he will put the existing vast bureaucratic system to work. Its first task will be to achieve 1005 education of the nation within five years. The second task will be to revamp judicial system to ensure prompt individual, social and economic justice and get its verdict obeyed by all concerned. Task three will be to ensure equitable distribution of wealth in the society by introducing drastic economic reforms thus breaking the power of the feudal and the elitists. This will make then powerless to stage a comeback. Under the fourth task, a powerful institution will be set up to rid the constitution of some of its un-Islamic provisions. The fifth task will be performed by the competent body on Islamic jurisprudence to reform the Islam way of life by modernizing its outdated practices, without interfering with the fundamental of Islam. These five measures will help Pakistan to become a modern Islamic Welfare State, which was the objective of the Pakistan Movement and the dream of the Quai-e-Azam. Once these institutions have been set up and made functional, the said general and his team will revert back to the Army. The country will henceforth be run the perfect democratic government, thus installed.

Perfect VS Imperfect Democracy

Democracy can yield its blessings only when it works in its truest form. A lame, deformed and hypocritical democracy serves as an instrument of instability for the system and the state. Genuine democracy whose kingpin is people is discipline which is blend of principles of morality, ethics, rule of law and human rights. It is rational in its structure and transparent in operation. It commands the social, economic and political life of a nation. A fake democracy on the other hand in coherent in form and structure. In the absent of a strong moral fiber it becomes a lathing in the hands of the corrupt politicians. Democracy in real form would not permit anyone to violate its essentials. Invalid democracy has a short life span. People soon get fed up with it, despise it and wish to get rid of it. A system of true democracy is hard to sabotage.

Prof. Col (r) M. Zahur-ul-Haq is Author of research work “A Model of Islamic Welfare State for Pakistan” Published by Ferozsons, Lahore; Col. Haq’s 21st century ‘Book of Essays’ (50 essays) published by Jahangir Publishers, Urdu Bazar Lahore; five books of Urdu fiction published by Taj Company Lahore, Bisat-e-Adab Anarkali, Lahore and Officers Open Academy, Lahore Cantt. Guided numerous CSS candidates to success.

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