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PPSC Tehsildar/ Naib Tehsildar Written Exam




Candidates will be required to appear in the written exam of PPSC Tehsildar/ Naib Tehsildar of English Comprehension & Composition (as and when the examination is scheduled) based on MCQs. The purpose of this paper is to assess the ability of the candidates to understand & use English language. The MCQs may include but not limited to the following:
Questions relating to correct usage of tense, articles, prepositions, conjunctions, punctuations, verbs, change of speech & change of voice, antonyms, synonyms, one word substitution (collective noun), spellings, sentences having a flaw in grammar, punctuations or use of capitals, complete incomplete sentences, vocabulary through analogy questions to locate logical relations among words, phrasal verbs, idiomatic phrases requiring candidates to choose correct meaning from the given choices, translation of words, official terms, figurative or idiomatic expressions English/Urdu for accurate translation into English & vice versa.


Past Paper of Written Exam to recruitment for the posts of Tehsildar in Board of Revenue, Punjab

Tehsildar Written English Past Paper

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PPSC Post of Tehsildar Past Sample Papers and Syllabus



Current Affairs – Most Important Pakistan Affairs – August 2021

Current Affairs – Most Important Pakistan Affairs – August 2021

Most important events happened in Pakistan Affairs in the month of August, 2021 for the preparation of one paper mcqs of FPSC, CSS, PPSC, NTS, OTS, and other competitive exams.

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Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies (BS-17) Past Paper


A past paper is an examination paper from a previous year or previous years, usually used either for exam practice or for tests. Exam candidates find past papers valuable in test preparation. PPSC Past Paper Assistant Registrar Cooperative Societies (BS-17) conducted by Punjab Public Service commission in 2016 one paper mcqs exams past paper.



1. Which rules of the cooperative societies rules, 1927 is deal with arbitration
(A) 30
(B) 31
(C) 32
(D) 33

2. ______ should be maintained by every society which derives a profit
(A) Reserve fund
(B) Resources
(C) Profit account
(D) Account books

3. Which rules of the cooperative societies rules, 1927 is deal with loans and deposits
(A) 7
(B) 9
(C) 11
(D) None of these

4. Currently cooperative society department is working in ____ districts of Punjab
(A) 30
(B) 32
(C) 34
(D) 36

5. More than 10% of a society’s dividend is transferred to its member in case of ______
(A) Banking Society
(B) Housing society
(C) Producers society
(D) All of these

6. The cooperative wholesale society of _____ was established in 1868
(A) Germany
(B) Scotland
(C) Great Britain
(D) Ireland

7. The social role of cooperatives grows when they participate in ____ struggle of the working class
(A) Economic
(B) Political
(C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
(D) None of these

8. The registrar of cooperative societies is appointed by the provincial government under the section ___ of Cooperative Act 1925.
(A) 15
(B) 8
(C) 14
(D) 4

9. The _____ cooperatives are predominating In the African countries
(A) Marketing
(B) Consumers
(C) Housing
(D) None of these

10. The name of a society can be changed by the resolution of general meeting and by the approval of
(A) Registrar of cooperative societies
(B) Provincial government’
(C) Federal government
(D) Secretary cooperatives

11. According to the bylaws, a member cannot be elected as a committee member until ?
(A) He is certified from the bank for his financial conduct
(B) Should be above 21 years of age
(C) Should be of sound mind
(D) All of these

12. The biggest international association of cooperatives is the
(A) International cooperative authority
(B) International cooperative Alliance
(C) International cooperative movement
(D) International cooperative association

13. The federal bank for cooperatives was established in
(A) 1972
(B) 1974
(C) 1976
(D) 1978

14. For agricultural societies, the registration fee is bound not to exceed Rs.___
(A) 500
(B) 600
(C) 400
(D) 1000

15. The history of cooperative movement in India Is broadly divided into phases
(A) Two
(B) Three
(C) Four
(D) None of these

16. The cooperative societies’ act of 1925 comprises of chapters
(A) 10
(B) 11
(C) 12
(D) 13

17. In Pakistan, cooperatives were introduced by the adoption of cooperative credit societies act of
(A) 1876
(B) 1904
(C) 1918
(D) 1925

18. The Cooperative Societies’ Act of 1925 comprises of sections
(A) 73
(B) 75
(C) 77
(D) 79

19 Which section of the Cooperative Societies Act, 1925 deals with the definitions?
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 5

20. Section 20 of the Cooperative Societies act, 1925 deals with
(A) Penalty
(B) Internal audit committee
(C) Disposal of surplus assets
(D) Address of society

21. Which chapter of the Cooperatives Societies’ Act of 1925 deals with property and funds of societies?
(A) 2
(B) 4
(C) 6
(D) 8

22. ____ is known as legal proceedings and are commenced by a petition
(A) Suit
(B) Charge
(C) Summon
(D) Trial

23. Bylaws mean
(A) According to laws
(B) Various clauses of a law
(C) Distinct law
(D) A corporation’s rules and regulation

24. In Pakistan, which one is the main characteristic of rural areas?
(A) Rapid infrastructure development
(B) Capital intensive industrial growth
(C) High rate of in-migration
(D) High dependence on agriculture

25. In Pakistan, the percentage of farms under 5 hectares of land is  ____
(A) 65.6
(B) 75.6
(C) 85.6
(D) 95.6




26. Which section of the Cooperative Societies Act, 1925 deals with effect of cancellation of registration?
(A) 49
(B) 51
(C) 53
(D) 67

27. By Laws may be by a resolution passed at a general meeting of the society
(A) Made
(B) Altered
(C) Abrogated
(D) All of these

28. Who is the highest ranked officer at divisional level in cooperative society department?
(A) Registrar cooperative society
(B) Joint registrar cooperative society
(C) Circle registrar cooperative society
(D) Deputy registrar cooperative society

29. The field officer in cooperative society department is
(A) Inspector cooperative society
(B) Sub-inspector cooperative society
(C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
(D) None of these

30. IFFCO and KRIBHCO are the examples of
(C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b*
(D) None of these

31. A cooperative society can be formed as per the provisions of the cooperative societies Act
(A) 1897
(B) 1912
(C) 1925
(D) 1927

32. Lockhurst Lane industrial cooperative society was founded in ____
(A) 1832
(B) 1842
(C) 1852
(D) 1862

33. Profit is shared amongst members on the basis of member’s ____ in the business of the society.
(A) Participation
(B) Marketing
(C) Middlemen
(D) Interest

34. The grounds for cancellation of membership of a society member is ____
(A) Death
(B) Abandoning residence
(C) Bankruptcy
(D) All of these

35. The liquidator has to submit _____ progress report to the registrar in such form as the registrar may require.
(A) Weekly
(B) Fortnightly
(C) Monthly
(D) Quarterly

36. When the audit is made by an official auditor a fee of Rs.____ per day for the whole period of the audit shall be recovered from the society and credited to government.
(A) 500
(B) 1000
(C) 2000
(D) None of these

37. Agricultural credit societies cannot accept deposits which are not fixed for a period of at least
(A) One month
(B) Two months
(C) Three Months
(D) Six months

38. Indian cooperative movement was basically organized against the exploitation of unscrupulous money lenders to exonerate the farming community from the web of
(A) Poverty
(B) Indebtedness
(C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
(D) None of them

39. Producers cooperative society was formed to help producers to procure
(A) Raw material
(B) Tools
(C) Equipment
(D) All of these

40. The first civil agricultural cooperatives were created in in the second half of ____ Nineteenth century.
(A) Europe
(B) Sub-continent
(D) None of these

41. Co-op city in New York is the largest cooperative housing development in world with ____ people
(A) 25000
(B) 55000
(C) 75000
(D) 95000

42. Headquarter of Hokuren Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives is in Sapporo,
(A) Japan
(B) France
(C) China
(D) Germany

43. According to cooperative economist the aim of a cooperative wholesale society is to arrange bulk purchases and organize production.
(A) Robert Owen
(B) George Galloway
(C) Jhon Struass
(D) Charles Gide

44. On or before 15th of each year ___ the committee of every society publish an annual balance sheet.
(A) June
(B) July
(C) August
(D) September

45. Credit societies were organised on the basis of two models
(A) One for rural areas and other for urban areas

(B) One for rural areas and other for periurban areas
(C) One for rural areas and other for remote areas
(D) One for rural areas and other for distant areas

46. Economic democracy is a ____ philosophy
(A) Social
(B) Economic
(C) Both ‘a’ and ‘b’
(D) None of these

47. Currently _____ is the second largest sector of the economy of Pakistan?
(A) Agriculture
(B) Manufacturing
(C) Services
(D) Energy

48. The Cooperative Societies Act, 1925 was enforced on
(A) 16th December, 1925
(B) 16th December, 1927
(C) 4th December, 1925
(D) 4th December, 1927

49. Professional managers do not prefer to work in cooperatives societies because they do not get adequate
(A) Capital
(B) Profit
(C) Dividend
(D) Remuneration

50. A “Resource Society” means a society formed with the objective of obtaining for its members
(A) The goods
(B) The services
(C) The credit
(D) All of these




51. In any society, in case of an equality of votes the shall have a casting vote
(A) President
(B) Chairman
(C) General Secretary
(D) None of these

52. The person auditing the accounts of any society shall have to the books and accounts.
(A) Free access
(B) Limited access
(C) No access
(D) Conditional access

53. Which one is a real account?
(A) Income account
(B) Rent expenses account
(C) Insurance account
(D) Cash account

54. Accounting basically relates to ____ Jobs
(A) Auditing
(B) Book keeping and auditing
(C) Both “A” and “B”
(D) None of these

55. The most liquid assets considered are
(A) Debit card
(B) Cheque
(C) Cash
(D) Security

56. Cash book records
(A) Cash payments
(B) Cash receipts
(C) Both “A” and “B”
(D) None of these

57. Which one is not the nominal account?
(A) Insurance
(B) Capital
(C) Sales
(D) Machinery

58. Cooperatives are classified as
(A) Purchasing
(B) Consumers
(C) Producers
(D) All of these

59. Which rules of the Cooperative Societies Rules, 1927 deal with Bye-laws?
(A) 3
(B) 5
(C) 7
(D) 9

60. A cooperative society works on the principles of ^ and
(A) Self-help and mutual help
(B) Own motives and own profits
(C) Others loss and own profit
(D) Own loss and other profit

61. District Cooperative Societies Officer is also known as
(A) Assistant registrar
(B) Circle registrar
(C) Joint registrar
(D) None of these

62. The first article of the bylaws of a cooperative society is
(A) Activities of the cooperative society
(B) Name of co-operators
(C) Name, Address & Jurisdiction
(D) None of these

63. Cooperative societies are based on the values of
(A) Democracy and equality
(B) Equity and solidarity
(C) Self- help and self-responsibility
(D) All of these

64. The motive of a cooperative society is to
(A) Provide Service
(B) Provide
(C) Earn profit
(D) None of these

65. Cooperatives are a separate
(A) Legal entity
(B) Illegal entity
(C) Marketing entity
(D) None of these

66. According to the Cooperatives Act of 1626, a producers’ cooperative can be formed with ___ member Taps
(A) 10
(B) 20
(C) 30
(D) 40

67. _____ is called the father of cooperative movement
(A) George Galloway
(B) Robert Owen
(C) Jhon Struass
(D) Michael Burton

68. The Federal Bank for Cooperatives was established in
(A) 1956
(B) 1976
(C) 1986
(D) 1996

69. A Cooperative society is a voluntary association of individuals having
(A) Different needs
(B) Diversified needs
(C) Basic needs
(D) Common needs

70. Consumers’ cooperatives help in eliminating the role of
(A) Mega Stores
(B) Banks
(C) Middlemen
(D) Markets

71. Agricultural cooperative society can be formed under the cooperative societies act, 1925 by a minimum of members
(A) 30
(B) 35
(C) 40
(D) 45

72. Cooperative society’s registration requirements are
(A) Names of all the members
(B) By laws of the society
(C) Application with signatures of all the members
(D) All of these

A cooperative society can be formed under the
(A) Cooperative societies Act 1912
(B) Cooperative societies Act 1925
(C) Cooperative societies Act 1927
(D) Cooperative Societies Act 1944

74. The cooperative movement first started from
(A) Germany
(B) England
(C) Spain
(D) India

75. The cooperative movement started in
(A) 16th century
(B) 17th century
(C) 18th century
(D) 19th century




76. The first consumers’ society arose among in Turin in 1853
(A) Airline Workers
(B) Railroad Workers
(C) Agricultural workers
(D) None of above

77.   was the founder of cooperative movement In 8ub-oontlnant.
(A) Lord Curzon
(B) Lord Reading
(C) Lord William
(D) Lord Byron

78. The first credit cooperative was founded In 1605 In _________
(A) India
(B) England
(C) Russia
(D) Germany

78. The term cooperation Is derived from
(A) Cooperati
(B) Cooperari
(C) Cotoperarl
(D) Cooperi

80. “KCHSU” stands for
(A) Karachi Cooperative Housing Societies Unit
(B) Karachi Cooperative Housing Sector Unit
(C) Karachi Corporate Housing Societies Union
(D) Karachi Cooperative Housing Societies Union

81. The cooperative societies reforms order was issued in
(A) 1870
(B) 1872
(C) 1974
(D) 1976

82. “ICA” is the abbreviation of
(A) International Cooperative Alliance
(B) International Cooperative Authority
(C) International Cooperative Association
(D) None of these

83. William King set up a newspaper “the Cooperator” in
(A) 1808
(B) 1818
(C) 1828
(D) 1838

84. Cooperative societies department’s head is
(A) Principal cooperative college
(B) Registrar cooperative society 
(C) Manager cooperative bank
(D) Secretary cooperative department

85. in Japan, one out of every families is a member of cooperatives
(A) Three
(B) Four
(C) Five
(D) Six

86. The membership of a cooperative society is known as:
(A) Status Membership
(B) Political membership
(C) Honorary membership
(D) Voluntary membership

87. In 2009, the United Nations declared the year ___ as the international year of cooperatives
(A) 2010
(B) 2011
(C) 2012
(D) 2013

88. The cooperative societies may be of ___ types in agriculture
(A) One
(B) Three

(C) Five
(D) Seven

88. Small producers who face difficulties In selling their produce, form
(A) Marketing cooperatives
(B) Input cooperatives
(C) Housing cooperatives
(D) Credit union

90. On the first of July each year, the ICA coordinates celebrations of International Cooperative Day
(A) Saturday
(B) Sunday
(C) Tuesday
(D) Friday

91. Which one of the following statements is true for cooperatives?
(A) Each member has to pay certain charges for membership

(B) Government encourages the formation of cooperative societies

(C) A cooperative society is managed by a single person
(D) The members have unlimited liabilities


92. Pakistan inherited the cooperative philosophy through the Idea of tackling rural indebtedness which was related to
(A) Output Supply
(B) Food supply
(C) Input supply
(D) Credit supply

93. The Cooperative Training College was established at ____ in 1960
(A) Faisalabad
(B) Lahore
(C) Multan
(D) Bahawalpur

94. The Chief Minister of Punjab banned the registration of new cooperatives in:
(A) 1995
(B) 1996
(C) 1997
(D) 1998

95. Village service cooperative society Is an example of
(A) Cooperative farming society
(B) Housing cooperative society
(C) Consumers1 cooperative society
(D) Cooperative credit society

96. In ___ about 45 million people are members of a credit union
(A) Europe
(B) Asia
(C) Africa
(D) Australia

97. The main objective of cooperative movement in Sub-continent was to help:
(A) Small fanners
(B) Large farmers
(C) Small scale industry
(D) Large scale industry

98. The housing cooperative societies in Pakistan acquire land from
(A) Auqaf department
(B) Landlords
(C) Cooperative department
(D) State

99. The Best Western International hotel chain Is considered as a_____
(A) Wholesalers’ cooperative
(B) Retailers cooperative
(C) Consumers cooperative
(D) Utility cooperative

100. Village service cooperative society and the urban cooperative banks are the examples of
(A) Cooperative credit society
(B) Consumers’ cooperative society
(C) Cooperative marketing society
(D) Cooperative farming society


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FPSC Junior Admin Officer Past Paper 2000

FPSC Junior Admin Officer in Ministry of Defence Solved Past Paper 2000

A past paper is an examination paper from a previous year or previous years, usually used either for exam practice or for tests. Exam candidates find past papers valuable in test preparation. Solved FPSC Past Paper for the recruitment of Junior Admin Officer (BS-16) in Ministry of Defence held in 2000 by Federal Public Service commission one paper mcqs exams past paper.

This test includes Synonyms & Antonyms, Direct Indirect, Pair of Words, Idioms, Active Passive Voice from English, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Pak Affairs, Mathematics, Computer Sciences mcqs.


FPSC Junior Admin Officer Past Paper – 1

1. The hottest planet is:

(A) Mercury
(B) Venus ✓
(C) Jupiter
(D) Saturn
2. When Pakistan became Islamic Republic?
(A) 1956 ✓
(B) 1954
(C) 1962
(D) 1973
3. Who headed the Simla Deputation?
(A) Abu-al-Kalam Azad
(B) Muhammad All Jauher
(C) Nawab Salim Ullah of Dhaka
(D) Sir Agha Khan ✓
4. When the Simla Conference held?
(A) 1945 ✓
(B) 1942
(C) 1940
(D) 1905
5. Who made the “National Mohammadon Association”?
(A) Justice Amir Ali ✓
(B) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
(C) Maulana Shaukat Ali
(D) None
6. Which country is the member of NATO?
(A) Kuwait
(B) Pakistan
(C) Egypt
(D) Turkey ✓
7. Who was the founder of M.S.F?
(A) Quaid-i-Azam
(B) Hamid Nazami ✓
(C) Hakim Ajmal
(D) Sir Agha Khan
8. When Pakistan became the member of NAM?
(A) 1979 ✓
(B) 1977
(C) 1975
(D) 1974
9. PANAMA canal connects:
(A) Red Sea – black sea
(B) Atlantic Ocean – India Ocean
(C) Pacific – Atlantic ✓
(D) Arabian – Dead Sea
10. When Pakistan became the member of CENTO?
(A) 1954
(B) 1955 ✓
(C) 1956
(D) 1979
11. Smallest river is:
(A) Chinab
(B) Satluj
(C) Jehlum
(D) Ravi ✓
12. Which is the oldest Holy Book?
(A) Trait ✓
(B) Zabur
(C) Injeel
(D) Quran Pak
13. Objective Resolution was passed by Constituent Assembly in:
(A) 1948
(B) 1949 ✓
(C) 1947
(D) 1951
14. When Quaid-i-Azam resigned from the Imperial Legislative Council?
(A) 1917
(B) 1919 ✓
(C) 1920
(D) 1921
15. Quaid-i-Azam continued his dual membership of congress and Mulsim League for the period of:
(A) 5 years
(B) 4 years
(C) 7 years ✓
(D) None
16. When did Quaid-i-Azam leave congress?
(A) 1919
(B) 1920 ✓
(C) 1921
(D) 1925
17. Mistress of the sea is:
(A) Spain
(B) Britain ✓
(C) Sri Lanka
(D) Japan
18. In Pakistan, one child dies after every:
(A) minute
(B) hour ✓
(C) week
(D) month
19. In Pakistan bicameral government system was introduced in:
(A) 1973 ✓
(B) 1947
(C) 1955
(D) 1962
20. When women joined Muslim League?
(A) 1937 ✓
(B) 1940
(C) 1947
(D) 1936
21. Which is called crescent city?
(A) Vatican City ✓
(B) New Orealons
(C) Paris
(D) London
22. Pirpur report was presented by:
(A) Mohan Lal Karm Chand Gandhi
(B) Allama Iqbal (RA)
(C) Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (RA)
(D) Raja Mahmood Mehndi ✓
23. Sindh was separated from Bombey:
(A) 1929
(B) 1935 ✓
(C) 1945
(D) 1930
24. Longest tenure of the viceroy:
(A) Lord Curzon
(B) Lord Ripen
(C) Lord Linlithgow ✓
(D) Lord Elgin
25. Durend Line was settled in:
(A) 1895
(B) 1893 ✓
(C) 1849
(D) 1903

FPSC Junior Admin Officer Past Paper – 2

26. Last Governor of the undivided Punjab was”:
(a) Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(b) Sir Even Jenkins ✓
(c) Sir Francis Maudi
(d) None of the above
27. How many women are being died during birth of a child every year in Pakistan?
(A) 40,000
(B) 30,000 ✓
(C) 10,000
(D) 5000
28. Total length of coastline of Pakistan?
(A) 300 miles
(B) 400 miles
(C) 500 miles
(D) 650 miles ✓
29. From women, who seconded “The Lahore Resolution”?
(A) Begum Shah Nawaz
(B) Begum Muhammad Ali Jauher ✓
(C) Begum Salma Tassadiq Hussain
(D) Fatima Jinnah
30. Diabetes is caused by malfunctioning of:
(A) Liver
(B) Pancreas ✓
(C) Stomach
(D) lungs
31. The” most prominent symptom of juandice is:
(A) loss of hair
(D) lungs pain
(C) yellowish skin ✓
(D) blackish skin
32. Polio is caused by:
(A) Virus ✓
(B) Bacteria
(C) Tapeworm
(D) None
33. Hepatitus is caused by:
(A) Bacteria
(B) Virus ✓
(C) Protozoan
(D) Wring worm
34. Blood pressure is measured by:
(A) Barometer
(B) Galvanometer
(C) Sphyngomanometer ✓
(D) Votometer
35 The planet nearest to earth is:
(A) Jupiter
(B) Pluto
(C) Venus ✓
(D) Neptune
36. The proposed kalabagh dam would be constructed on the river:
(A) Jhelum
(B) Indus ✓
(C) Gomal
(D) Kurram
37. Warsak dam was built in 1960 on river:
(A) Dasht
(B) Indus
(C) Kabul ✓
(D) Jhelum
38. The Ravi river originates in the Indian state of:
(A) Orissa
(B) Hamachel Pardesh ✓
(C) Andra
(D) Utter Pardesh
39. The archaeological site “Kot Diji” is located near the city of:
(A) Larkana
(B) Thatta
(C) Khairpur ✓
(D) Swat
40. Nanga Parbat peak is situated in:
(A) Himalayas ✓
(B) Karakoram
(C) Hindu kush
(D) Suleman Range
41. Which part of the world is called, “Playground of Europe”?
(A) Norway
(B) Germany
(C) Switzerland ✓
(D) Poland
42. Identify the coldest planet:
(A) Neptune ✓
(B) Venus
(C) Jupiter
(D) Mars
43. Jerusalem is a holy city for:
(A) Muslims
(B) Jews
(C) Christians
(D) All of above ✓
44. Pakistan coldest place is:
(A) Ziarat ✓
(B) Quetta
(C) Gilgit
(D) Murree
45. Who invented safety pin:
(A) Walter Hunt ✓
(B) Samuel Miller
(C) John Ericsson
(D) Patrick Bell
46. Shilling is the currency of:
(A) Kenya ✓
(B) Sudan
(C) Sweden
(D) Italy
47. Peso is the currency of:
(A) Nepal
(B) Cuba ✓
(C) Malawi
(D) Malta
48. The continent which has only one race?
(A) Europe
(B) Africa
(C) Australia
(D) North America
49. When Bangladesh became the member of UNO?
(A) 1971
(B) 1974
(C) 1973 ✓
(D) 1972
50. Desht-e-Lut desert is located in?
(A) Iraq
(B) Iran ✓
(C) Turkmenistan
(D) Afghanistan

Past Paper English – 3

(A) Obedience
(B) Suspended action ✓
(C) Excitement
(D) Discussion
52. ABSTINENCE (to avoid):
(A) Vulgar display
(B) Deportment (behaviour)
(C) Reluctance
(D) Restrained eating or drinking ✓
(A) Agreement (act of agreeing) ✓
(B) Ambition
(C) Confinement
(D) Pride
(A) Manicure
(B) Pollute
(C) Ride ✓
(D) Assemble
55. LAMPOON (ridicule)
(A) Darken
(B) Praise ✓
(C) Abandon
(D) Sail
56. VAGARY (whim, a strange or sudden change that is difficult to predict)
(A) Unchanged ✓
(B) Caprice
(C) Tramp
(D) Arrogant
57. SQUANDER (to waste)
(A) Fortify
(B) Depart (go away)
(C) Preserved (keep safe) ✓
(D) Roam
58. Modem architecture has discarded the  trimming on buildings and has concentrated on an almost Greek simplicity of line
(A) Flamboyant ✓
(B) Austere
(C) Inconspicuous
(D) Aesthetic, concerning beauty in art
(E) Derivative
59. If you are seeking that will resolve all our ailments, you are undertaking an impossible task.
(A) A precedent
(B) A panacea ✓
(C) An abstraction (state of being abstracted)
(D) A direction
(E) A contrivance
60. Choose the word with correct spellings,
(A) Accomodation
(B) Acommodation
(C) Accommodation ✓
(D) Acomadetion
61. Choose the word with correct spellings:
(A) begnning
(B) beginning ✓
(C) begining
(D) beginning
62. Select the vyord which has correct spellings:
(A) Secretariate
(B) Secrartariate
(C) Secretariat ✓
(D) Secretariate
63. To clip the wings, means:
(A) To limit on ✓
(B) to catch the bird
(C) To cut the wings of a bird
(D) to control hair
64. To cut the cake.
(A) To do impossible
(B) to make use of time ✓
(C) To celebrate the birthday
(D) to divide the cake into two parts
65. Hit the road:
(A) To go abroad
(B) to sit in the road
(C) To run on the road
(D) To start journey ✓
66. Flex the muscle
(A) To stretch the muscle
(B) To show authority ✓
(C) Take heavy exercise
(D) To lift up something
67. Keep tabs on:
(A) To follow strictly
(B) To do something
(C) To keep under observation ✓
(D) To steal something
68. Mixed feelings.
(A) Romantic feelings
(B) Not clear feelings ✓
(C) Hateful feelings
(D) To have some good and bad feelings about someone
69. He is himself to himself, means.
(A) Not like to talk with others ✓
(B) To remain silent
(C) To limit one’s feelings
(D) To be proud of oneself
70. x + x + x =?
(A) 3X ✓
(B) X3
(C) 3×3
(D) X2 + x
71. If 2x = 32 then x = ?
(A) 5 ✓
(B) 6
(C) 4
(D) 16
72. /256
(A) 17
(B) 14
(C) 16 ✓
(D) 128
73. x + 6 = 7 then x = ?
(A) 13
(B) 1 ✓
(C) 7/6
(D) 13 x
74. 1 metre is equal to
(A) 102mm
(B) 103mm ✓
(C) 104mm
(D) 105mm
75 23×50 =
(A) 30
(B) 40
(C) 8 ✓
(D) 6

FPSC Junior Admin Officer Past Paper  – 4


76. 144/1.2
(A) 13
(B) 12 ✓
(C) 14
(D) 22
77. Find the missing letter
3 5 7…….13 17
(A) 8
(B) 9
(C) 11 ✓
(D) 12
78. Provide the missing
8 4  32 7 5
(A) 33
(B) 11
(C) 17
(D) 35 ✓
79. Who developed algebra?
(A) Muhammad ibn Musa Khawarizmi ✓
(B) Ibn Sina
(C) Euclid
(D) Jabir ibn Hayyan
80. Which Muslim country has recognized Chechnya as an independent Muslim state?
(A) Iran
(B) Saudi Arabia
(C) Afghanistan ✓
(D) Uzbekistan
81. Which of the following event did not occur during Ramadan?
(A) Battle of Badar
(B) Battle of Uhad ✓
(C) Battle of the Trench
(D) Conquest of Makkah
82. In which year did the Muslims fight their first naval battle?
(A) 2 A.H
(B) 13 A.H
(C) 31 A.H ✓
(D) 67 A.H
83. In what year did Sayyidna Umar, Radi-Allahu anhu, accept Islam?
(A) 616 CE ✓
(B) 608 CE
(C) 634 CE, 13 AH
(D) 644 CE, 23 AH
84. The Holy Qur’an is generally printed in:
(A) Nastaliq script ✓
(B) Kufi script
(C) Naskh script
(D) Shikasta script
85. Imam Bukhari hailed from:
(A) Malaysia
(B) India
(C) Egypt
(D) Turkestan ✓
86. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) while immigrating to Madina took refuge in:
(A) Cave Hira
(B) Cave Thaur ✓
(C) Dar-i-Arqam
(D) Masjid-i-Nabawa
87. Prophet Muhammad (SAW) visited Ghar-i-Hira for:
(A) Recitation
(B) Memorization
(C) Meetings
(D) Meditation/Tahanuth ✓
88. The Najashi King of Habasha with whom the Muslims for the first time took refuge was a:
(A) Jew
(B) Hindu
(C) Christian ✓
(D) Mushnk
89. The duration of social boycott of Muslims in Shi-b abi Talib was for:
(A) 10 Years
(B) 5 Years
(C) 3 Years ✓
(D) 8 Years
90. Sulh-i Hudibiyya was written by
(A) Hazrat Abu Bakr
(B) Hazrat Ali ✓
(C) Hazrat Umar
(D) Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
91. In a photographic camera fitted with a convex lens, which of the following types of images will be formed on the film?
(A) Erect and real
(D) Inverted and real
(C) Imaginary and erect
(D) The type of image formed will depend on the distance between the lens and the object. ✓
92. In the year 14,000 A D., due to the earth’s precession, the axis of rotation of earth will point towards:
(A) Proxima Centauri
(B) Pole star
(C) Vega ✓
(D) None of these
93. As the temperature of water rises gradually, its surface tension
(A) goes on increasing
(B) goes on decreasing ✓
(C) is not affected and remains unchanged
(D) increases only when the heat is too intense.
94. The density of a solid and that of a liquid, in which it is to be immersed, is the same. On immersion, its apparent weight will be reduced to
(A) half
(B) one-third
(C) one-quarter ✓
(D) zero
95. A fresh egg sinks in pure water whereas it floats in-saturated salty water. This is due to
(A) the higher density of the salty water ✓
(B) the higher density of the pure water
(C) the fluid matter inside the egg-shell
(D) the fact that the egg-shell is made of calcium which is heavier than pure water
96. The planet between Earth and Mercury is:
(A) Venus ✓
(B) Mars
(C) Jupiter
(D) Neptune
97. Can you name the three planets of the Solar system which have no satellites?
(A) Neptune
(B) Mercury
(C) Venus
(D) Both B & C ✓
98. The velocity of sound is largest in
(A) Air
(B) Water
(C) Steel rod ✓
(D) Kerosene
99. A sextant is used to measure:
(A) volume of the buildings
(B) area of hill
(C) height of an object ✓
(D) the breadth of a tower
100. Which of the following air carries no moisture?
(A) dry air ✓
(B) warm air
(C) cool air
(D) icy wind


PPSC Assistant In the Punjab Police Department Solved Past Papers 2017


FPSC Civilian Labour Officer Past Paper 2007


FPSC Civilian Labour Officer in Ministry of Defence Solved Past Paper 2007

Test of FPSC Civilian Labour Officer also includes mcqs from Computer and MS Office, Synonyms & Antonyms, Direct Indirect, Pair of Words, Idioms, Active Passive Voice from English, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Pak Affairs, Mathematics mcqs, etc. FPSC Civilian Officer Past Paper is given below:




FPSC Civilian Labour Officer in Ministery of Defence Page-01

Fill In the blanks:

1. Famous Novel “Pride and Prejudice” is written by _______
(A) Jane Eyre
(B) Jane Austen ✓
(C) Emily Brounte
(D) Byron

2. They the office at 5 o’clock last evening.
(A) had left
(B) had beet leaving
(C) left ✓
(D) leave

3. He _____movies regularly but now he prefers dramas.
(A) was used to watch
(B) used to watch ✓
(C) uses to watch
(D) watches

4. His father for ten years now.
(A) is dead
(B) has been died ✓
(C) was dead
(D) has died

5. I wish I how to play violin.
(A) know
(B) knew ✓
(C) would know
(D) will know

6. It has been raining for the past five days. I wish it
(A) stopped to rain.
(B) stopped raining. ✓
(C) would stop raining.
(D) were to stop raining.

7. I cannot remember where  my coat.
(A) I would have left
(B) did I leave
(C) Heft ✓
(D) Was I made to leave

8. I trouble with my bicycle these days
(A) have bebn experiencing ✓
(B) experience
(C) had been experienced
(D) experienced

9. When the clock struck six, I ,for ver an hour.
(A) have waited
(B) had to wait
(C) shall have waited
(D) had been waiting ✓

10. He will win the race if he running regularly.
(A) practices ✓
(B) would practise
(C) will practice
(D) will be practiced

11. Rising prices  immediate measures.
(A) call for ✓
(B) all over
(C) call in
(D) call forth

12. I will you on next Sunday.
(A) call on
(B) call in
(C) call at ✓
(D) call for

13. Rana said, “I am well”.
(A) Rana said, that I am well.
(B) Rana said that he is well. ✓
(C) Rana said that he was well.

14. I said, “I will read”.
(A) I said that I shall read.
(B) I said that I will read.
(C) I said that I would read. ✓

15. He said to me, “You are dishonest”.
(A) He said to me that I am dishonest.
(B) He told to me that I am dishonest.
(C) He told me that I was dishonest. ✓

16. She said, “The earth goes round the Sun”
(A) She said that the earth went round the Sun.
(B) She said the earth goes round the Sun.
(C) She said that the earth goes round the Sun. ✓

17. He said, “True friends are but few”.
(A) He said”that true friends were but few.
(B) He said that true fiends are but few. ✓
(C) He said true friends are but few.

18. “Have patience”, I said to her.
(A) 1 said that she should have patience. ✓
(B) I told her to have patience.
(C) It said that she had patience.

19. He replied, “I have promised to help them”.
(A) He replied that he has promised to help them.
(B) He replied that he had promised to help them. ✓
(C) He replied that he promised to help them.

20. She said to me, “Will you accompany me”?.
(A) She said whether I can accompany her.
(B) She asked me if l-would accompany her. ✓
(C) She said that I would accompany her.


FPSC Civilian Labour Officer Past Paper – Mathematics Page-02


21. 65% of a number is 21 less than four-fifth of what number. What is the number?
(A) 100
(B) 120
(C) 140 ✓
(D) 160

22. A man has Rs. 480 in the denominations of one-rupee notes, five-rupee notes, and ten-rupee notes. The number of notes for each denomination is equal. What is the total number of notes that he has?
(A) 45
(B) 60
(C) 75
(D) 90 ✓

23. An article is sold for Rs.45 for a loss of 10 % It is sold at Rs.65, the gain percent is
(A) 10
(B) 15
(C) 20
(D) 30 ✓

24. A batsman scored 120 runs which included 9 boundaries and 4 sixes. What percent of his total socore did he makes.
(A) 45%
(B) 50% ✓
(C) 60%
(D) 70%

25. Iqbal sells a shirt at a profit of 25 %. Had he bought it at 25 % less and sold it for Rs.25 less, he would have gained 25 %, The cost price of the shirt is
(A) Rs.60 ✓
(B) Rs.25
(C) Rs.80
(D) Rs. 100

26. What 40 % of a number is added to 42, the result is the number itself. The number is
(A) 70 ✓
(B) 80
(C) 90
(D) 75

27. 24 % of 44 + 12 % of 22 =?
(A) 18.6
(B) 13.2 ✓
(C) 13.1
(D) 11.88

28. If 3712 of a number is 45, then 8712 % of the number will be
(A) 105 ✓
(B) 102
(C) 96
(D) 92

29. A dealer purchases 22 pencils for Rs.20 and sells them at the rate of 10 pencils for Rs.11. His profit percent is
(A) 10%
(B) 20%
(C) 21 % ✓
(D) 22 %

30. A toy is sold for Rs.220. What was the cost of the rate of profit was 10% of the cost?
(A) Rs.196
(B) Rs.198 ✓
(C) Rs.200
(D) Rs.210

31. A fruit seller buys oranges at the rate of 12 for Rs.20, for how much should he sell one orange to gain 20 %
(A) Rs. 1.50
(B) Rs.2 ✓
(C) Rs.2.50
(D) Rs.2.75

32. In a group of buffaloes and ducks, the number of legs are 24 more than twice the number of heads. What is the number of buffaloes in the group?
(A) 10
(B) 12 ✓
(C) 6
(D) 8

33. 0.26 + 100 = ?
(A) 0.0026 ✓
(B) 0.026
(C) 26
(D) .00026

34. A fires 5 shots to B’s 3 but A kills only once in 3 shots while B kills once in 2 shots. When B has missed 27 times, A has killed:
(A) 60 birds
(B) 30 birds ✓
(C) 90 birds
(D) 72 birds

35. If 10 men can do a piece of work in twenty days, how long will it take 9 men to do the job if they work at the same rate?
(A) 21 days
(B) 22 days
(C) 25 days ✓
(D) 26 days

36. If 311 of a number is 22. What is 611 of that* number?
(A) 6
(B) 12
(C) 33
(D) 44 ✓

37. Which number is divisible by both 4 and 9?
(A) 2,178 ✓
(B) 1 311
(C) 5,526
(D) 8,513

38. 148 is divisible “by:
(A) 21
(B) 37 ✓
(C) 17
(D) 43

39. A bag contains 9 KG of sugar which his separated into packages containing 450 game each. How many such packages can be made?
(A) 16
(B) 18
(C) 20 ✓
(D) 24

40 Find unit digit in (515)31 + (515)90:
(A) 0 ✓
(B) 5
(C) 1
(D) 4


FPSC Civilian Labour Officer – General Knowledge Page-03


41. The planet between Earth and Mercury is
(A) Venus ✓
(B) Mars
(C) Jupiter
(D) Neptune

42. Can you name the three planets of the Solar system which have no satellites?
(A) Mercury
(B) Venus
(C) Pluto
(D) All of A,B,C ✓

43. The velocity of sound is largest in
(A) Air
(B) Water
(C) Steel rod ✓
(D) Kerosene

44. A device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy:
(A) motor
(B) moving-coil meter
(C) generator
(D) battery ✓

45. Liquids are
(A) poor conductors of heat ✓
(B) good conductors of heat
(C) worst conductors of heat
(D) perfect insulators

46. If an iron piece remains exposed to air and dampness, it gets rust on it. Scientifically speaking, rust is
(A) iron oxide ✓
(B) a kind of moss
(C) corrosive quality of damp air
(D) the natural wearing of iron

47. Which of the following air carries no moisture?
(A) dry air ✓
(B) warm air
(C) cool air
(D) icy wind
(E) None

48. Frost is not formed generally on cloudy nights. Reasons?
(A) Absence of water vapour in the air;
(B) Clouds generate air currents and disturbances which do not promote frosty conditions
(C) Clouds prevent radiation and therefore help the ground temperature remain higher ✓
(D) moisture of air has been sucked away by the clouds

49. Lightning is caused when
(A) similar charges of electricity rush towards each other
(B) opposite charges in different clouds break down the resistance offered by the intervening air ✓
(C) clouds strike against impurities in air and result in a gigantic frictional flare-up
(D) earth exerts a pull on the floating clouds

50. Sun is a :
(A) star ✓
(B) planet
(C) asteroid
(D) Meteor

51. Coronary heart disease is most often found in persons suffering from:

(A) anaemia
(B) hemophilia
(C) high blood pressure ✓
(D) low blood pressure

52. As a person becomes older, his blood pressure generally?
(A) increases ✓
(B) decreases
(C) remains the same
(D) None

53. Roentgen rays are
(A) alpha rays
(B) sun rays
(C) electromagnetic rays
(D) X-rays ✓

54. Sound travels in Water than in air
(A) much faster ✓
(B) much slower
(C) at no difference
(D) None

55 What is an echo?
(A) a natural phenomenon that defies an explanation
(B) a repetition of one’s own voice
(C) a sound repeated by reflection ✓
(D) the proof that dead matter can speak

56. Kinetic energy is the energy that is produced by the fact of
(A) nuclear explosion
(B) human effort
(C) any movement of an object ✓
(D) water power

57. Can you name the scientist who first of all did some, experiments with gravity? Laws of Gravhtation came much later.
(A) Newton
(B) Cavendish
(C) Galileo ✓
(D) Marconi

58. Mercury is an unusual substance because it is
(A) a metal but in liquid form
(B) liquid at room temperature
(C) extremely sensitive to temperature variations
(D) All of A,B,C  ✓

59. A clear sky is blue because?
(A) red light is scattered more than blue
(B) ultra violet light has been absorbed
(C) blue light is scattered more than red ✓
(D) blue light has been absorbed

60. Whale, the largest sea-animal, breathes through its
(A) gills
(B) lungs ✓
(C) fins
(D) skin


FPSC Civilian Labour Officer in Ministry of Defence – Islamiyat Page-04


61. Kitab-ul-Khraj was authored by?
(A) Abu Yousaf, ✓
(B) Imam Shafi
(C) Imam Hanifa
(D) Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal

Kitāb al-Kharāj (Book of taxation) is a classic text on fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), written by Abū Yusūf Yaʿqūb Ibrāhīm al-Anṣārī al-Kūfī (died 798; 182 A.H.) at the request of the Abbasid caliph Hārūn al-Rashīd (763 or 766-809).

62. Wasal Bin Ata was the founder of the sect?
(A) Qramta
(B) Muatzilla ✓
(C) Rwandiya

63. Imam Hanifa died in?
(A) 710 ✓
(B) 716
(C) 718
(D) 720

64. “Ahyay-i-Ulum” was authored by?
(A) Razi
(B) Gazali ✓
(C) Bu Ali Sina
(D) Jabir Bin Hayyan

65. Real name of Abu Hanifa was?
(A) Ismail
(B) Abdullah
(C) Numan Bin Sadth ✓
(D) Ahmad

Abū Ḥanīfa al-Nuʿmān b. Thābit b. Zūṭā b. Marzubān (Arabic: أبو حنيفة نعمان بن ثابت بن زوطا بن مرزبان‎; c. 699 – 767 CE), known as Abū Ḥanīfa for short, or reverently as Imam Abū Ḥanīfa by Sunni Muslims, was an 8th-century Sunni Muslim theologian and jurist of Persian origin, who became the eponymous founder of the Hanafi school of Sunni jurisprudence, which has remained the most widely practiced law school in the Sunni tradition. He is often alluded to by the reverential epithets al-Imām al-aʿẓam (“The Great Imam”) and Sirāj al-aʾimma (“The Lamp of the Imams”) in Sunni Islam.

66. Abu Yousaf received spiritual education from?
(A) Abu Hanifa ✓
(B) Malik
(C) Shafi
(D) Hanbal

67. Musa Al-Khwarzmi was?
(A) Historian
(B) Astrologer
(C) Geographer ✓
(D) Mathematician

68. Real name of Imam Sha’fi was?
(A) Ahmad
(B) Muhammad Bin Idrees ✓
(C) Ahmad Bin Hambli
(D) Khalid

69. Madrisa Nazamia Baghdad was founded in?
(A) 1055
(B) 1060
(C) 1065 ✓
(D) 1070

70. Wazir of Halaku Khan was?
(A) Nasir-uddin Tusi ✓
(B) Khalid Brmki
(C) Abu Salma
(D) Khaljis

71. Hazrat Sheikh Ali Bin Usman Hajweri (Data Ganj Bukhsh) came to India during the time of
(A) Mughals
(B) Khtljis
(C) Tughluq
(D) Ghaznavi ✓

72. Akbar was a  great builder. He constructed and founded.
(A) Agra Fort
(B) Gujrat Fort
(C) Tombof Humayun
(D) All of these ✓

73. Anjuman-e-Himayat-e-lslam was established on 24th December:
(A) 1880
(B) 1382
(C) 1884 ✓
(D) 1886

74. The Mohammad Educational Conference was founded in:
(A) 1884
(B) 1886 ✓
(C) 1890
(D) 1891

The Muslim League was born in the 20th session of All India Muhammadan Educational Conference, which was established by Syed Ahmed Khan in Aligarh in 1886.

75. Maulana Abut Kalam Azad launched:
(A) Comrade
(B) Al-Hilal ✓
(C) Ideology
(D) Muslim Defense

In October 1920, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad was elected as a member of foundation committee to establish Jamia Millia Islamia at Aligarh in U. P. … He served as Congress president from 1940 to 1945, during which the Quit India rebellion was launched.

76. The Jallianwala Bagh incident took place on 13th April:
(A) 1913
(B) 1915
(C) 1917
(D) 1919 ✓

77. The pamphlet “Now or Never” was written by:
(A) Allama Iqbal
(B) Chaudhry Rehmat Ali ✓
(C) Quaid-e-Azam
(D) Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

The “Pakistan Declaration” (titled Now or Never; Are We to Live or Perish Forever?) was a pamphlet written and published by Choudhary Rahmat Ali, on 28 January 1933, in which the word Pakstan (without the letter “i”) was used for the first time and was circulated to the delegates of the Third Round Table Conference in 1932.

78. Which of the following term was not agreed by the British following the Gandhi-Irwin Pact of 1931-
(A) Lifting of ban over Congress. ✓
(B) Complete abolition of tax on salt production in India
(C) Permitting peaceful picketing of liquor arid foreign doth shops
(D) Restoration of the confiscated properties of the satyagrahis

79. The main purpose of the “Communal Award” announced by the British Prime Minister Ramsey Macdonald
on 4 August 1932 was
(A) To grant separate electorates to minority communities in India, including Muslims, Sikhs, and Dalits in India ✓
(B) To grant separate pay scales to different communities in government service in India.
(C) To grant awards to distinguished members of minority communities in India including Muslims, Sikhs and Dalits.
(D) None of these

80. At the time of independence from the British, Indian sub-continent comprised of Princely or Native States which numbered:
(A) 596
(B) 540
(C) 323
(D) 572 ✓

FPSC Civilian Labour Officer in Ministry of Defence Page-05

81. Father of former US Secretary of Stale, Madeline Albright was also a member of the UN Commission on India and Pakistan and author of the book “Danger in Kashmir”. What was his name?
(A) Joseph Albright
(B) Joseph Korbel ✓
(C) Owen Dixon
(D) Alistair Lamp

82. Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Muhammad, was by education a(n):
(A) Engineer
(B) Economist
(C) Political Scientist
(D) Medical Doctor ✓

83. Epistemology is the study of:
(A) Knowledge ✓
(B) Insects
(C) Parasites
(D) Religions

84. Who was the leader of the 1958 coup in Iraq, which led to proclamation of Iraq as a Republic?
(A) Saddam Hussain
(B) Nuri Al Said
(C) Abdul Karim ✓
(D) Fagnel Jama

85. Major Shabbir Sharif was awarded Nishan-e-Haider posthumously. Which other model for bravery was he awarded during his career in the Army.
(A) Tamgha-e-Basaalat
(B) Nishan-e-Shujaai
(C) Hilal-e-Jurat
(D) Sitar-e-Jurat ✓

86. Which Indian personality served as the President of the UN General Assembly in 1953-54?
(A) S. Radha Krishhan
(B) Gopalswamy Ayyengar
(C) V.K Krishna Menon
(D) Vijayalakshami Pandit ✓

87. In which organ of the United Natrons all member states of the UN are represented?
(A) Economic and Social Council
(B) General Assembly ✓
(C) Security Council
(D) Human Rights Council

88. Ustad Allah Baksh was a famous of Pakistan.
(A) Classical singer
(B) Sitar Player
(C) Tabla Player
(D) Painter ✓

89. Advisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs, Sartaj Aziz holds a Masters degree in Development Economics from
(A) Cambridge University
(B) Harward University ✓
(C) Columbia University
(D) Karachi University

90. Which is Pakistan’s Major Export?
(A) Sugar
(B) Wheat
(C) Rice
(D) Cotton ✓

91. UNFCC (UN Framework Convention on Climate Change) was adopted during the Earth Summit at Rio de Janero (1992). When did it come in force?
(A) March 1994 ✓
(B) August 1295
(C) October 1996
(D) January 1994

92. De Beers is one of the biggest name in diamond industry. Who was the founder of De Beers Consolidated Mining Company?
(A) John Cecil Rhodes ✓
(B) Joseph D Rockefeller
(C) Krugger
(D) Robert

93. When was hover dam constructed?
(A) 1930
(B) 1936 ✓
(C) 1939
(D) None

94. Red sea and Mediterranian Sea are connected by which canal?
(A) Panama
(B) Suez Canal ✓
(C) Kiel canal
(D) None

95. Atlantic ocean and Pacific Ocean are connected by which canal?
(A) Kiel canal
(B) Panama canal ✓
(C) Suez canal
(D) None

96. How many types of canals are there in the world?
(A) 3 ✓
(B) 4
(C) 5
(D) 9

97. “Wetland canal” is located in which country?
(A) UK
(B) Canada ✓
(C) Australia
(D) None

98. “Hingol dam” is being constructed in which province of Pakistan?
(A) K.P
(B) Punjab
(C) Sindh
(D) Balochistan ✓

99. Volga river flowj in which country?
(A) Russia ✓
(B) Canada
(C) UK

100. “Bosheen dam” is located in which country?
(A) Peru ✓
(B) Russia
(C) France
(D) None


PPSC Assistant In the Punjab Police Department Solved Past Papers 2017

Our Examination System English Essay


Our Examination System English Essay

PPSC Inspector Legal Past Paper 2015


PPSC Inspector Legal In Punjab Police Department Solved Papers 2015



1. What is the term used to denote the unauthorized and illegal accessing of computer programs, often with criminal intent?
(B) Plagiarism
(C)Hacking ✓
(D) Breach

2.Which public holiday is celebrated in the USA on 4 July every year?
(A) Constitution Day
(B) Independence Day ✓
(C) Blacks Day
(D) New Deal

3.Which country in the Middle East is the Hashemite Kingdom?
(A) Jordan ✓
(B) Egypt
(C) Syria
(D) Kuwait

4.Which body of people is sometimes referred to as “the Fourth Estate”?
(A) Judiciary
(B) Executive
(C) The Press ✓
(D) Senate

5.What is the Richter Scale used to measure?
(A) Food
(B) Volcano
(C) Earthquake ✓
(D) Tsunami

6.”Kindergarten” refers to?
(A) a Nursery School ✓
(B) a small garden
(C) a children playground
(D) a children’s ward in Hospital

7.What did Burma change its name to in 1989?
(A) Myanmar ✓
(B) Rangoon
(C) Brazil
(D) Naypyidaw

8.Which body organ produces Urine?
(A) Pancreas
(B) Uterus
(C) Kidney ✓
(D) Large Intestine

9.What is meant by ‘Cock and Bull Story’?
(A) true story
(B) a lengthy tale
(C) story told by an idiot
(D) an unbelievable tale ✓

10. Rule of Thumb:
(A) mark of thum on a legal paper
(B) an easily applied procedure for making a determination ✓
(C) an easy choice
(D) an unknown rule

11. Renaissance movement started first in:
(A) France
(B) Italy ✓
(C) United Kingdom
(D) Sweden

12. What are Newton’s used to measure?
(A) Gravity ✓
(B) Volcano
(C) Earthquake
(D) Tsunami

13. What is the most abundant element in the universe?
(A) Hydrogen ✓
(B) Oxygen
(C) Sodium
(D) Copper

14. How many chambers are there in the human heart?
(A) 2
(B) 4 ✓
(C) 6
(D) 8

15. GDP stands for:
(A) Gross Daily Product
(B) Gross Domestic Product ✓
(C) Gross Domestic Purchase
(D) Gross Daily Purchase

16. Hard disk in a computer is a/an?
(A) Output Device
(B) Processor
(C) Software
(D) Storage Device ✓

17. A set of instructions that operates various parts of the Computer Hardware is called?
(A) Hardware Manager
(B) Device
(C) Software ✓

18. The Capital of Tajikistan is:
(A) Dodoma
(B) Dushanbe ✓
(C) Astana
(D) Tashkent

19. World Water Day is celebrated on:
(A) 22nd March ✓
(B) 22nd June
(C) 22nd July
(D) None of these

20. One who is capable of dealing with many subjects is called:
(A) Genius
(B) Intellectual
(C) Versatile ✓
(D) Vulnerable

21. What is the one word substitution for a person who is unable to pay his debt:
(A) Poor
(B) Vagabond
(C) Solvent
(D) Insolvent ✓

22. The Great Persian Empire was founded by:
(A) Darius-I
(B) Raza Shah Pehlvi
(C) Cyrus the Great ✓
(D) Shah Abbas

23. The place of Persepolis in Iran was destroyed in 331 B.C. by:
(A) a flood
(B) Alexander the Great ✓
(C) Genghis Khan
(D) Ottoman Turks

24. The Palace of King Nebuchadnezzar was situated in the city of:
(A) Nineveh
(B) Babylon ✓
(C) Korasabad
(D) Dizful

25. Which vitamin is provided by sunlight to the body?
(A) Vitamin A
(B) Vitamin B
(C) Vitamin C
(D) Vitamin D ✓

26. The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) uses:
(A) Antibodies ✓
(B) Pathogens
(C) Tissues
(D) Chemicals

27. What is chlamydomonas?
(A) An algae ✓
(B) A fungus
(C) An animal
(D) A fossil

28. In which year, was the 1st widely-available Web browser, Mosaic, released?
(A) 1993 ✓
(B) 1995
(C) 1996
(D) 1998

29. The World famous “Golden Gate Bridge” is situated in:
(A) London
(B) Paris
(C) San Francisco ✓

30. The smallest unit of data in a computer is:
(A) Bit ✓
(B) Kilobit
(C) Terabyte
(D) Byte

31. What is most common salt in sea water:
(A) Calcium Carbonate
(B) Potassium Chloride
(C) Sodium Chloride ✓
(D) Magnesium Sulphate

32. “The Last Supper”, a famous Renaissance painting was masterpiece of:
(A) Titan
(B) Michael Angelo
(C) Leonardo de Vinci ✓
(D) Raphel

33. The international secretariat of Amnesty International is situated in:
(A) New York
(B) London ✓
(C) Geneva
(D) Paris

34. The organ in the body which accumulates Iodine is:
(A) Pituitary gland
(B) Thyroid gland ✓
(C) Thymus
(D) Parathyroid

35. Who invented chronometer?
(A) John Harrison ✓
(B) Marconi
(C) Dalton
(D) Noneofthese

36. Which is called the “Land of the Midnight Sun”?
(A) Denmark
(B) Belgium
(C) Norway ✓
(D) Canada

37. Wimbledon, known for Lawn tennis courts, is in:
(A) New York
(B) London ✓
(C) Washington
(D) Geneva

38. Britain’s highest military award is:
(A) Victoria Cross ✓
(B) Iron Cross
(C) Military Cross
(D) Medal of Honour

39. The book “A Farewell to Arms” was written by:
(A) Ernest Hemingway ✓
(B) Charles Dickens
(C) Huxley
(D) Thomas Hardy

40. The oldest monarchy in the World is that of:
(A) Japan ✓
(B) Nepal
(C) UK
(D) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

41. The dress made out of which of the following materials is safest to wear while cooking?
(A) Silk
(B) Nylon
(C) Cotton ✓
(D) Terylene

42. Which of the following gases is used for refrigeration?
(A) Chlorine
(B) Ammonia ✓
(C) Phosphine
(D) Carbon dioxide

43. Philology is:
(A) Study of bones
(B) Study of muscles
(C) Study of architecture
(D) Scientific study of literary texts ✓

44. The 1st satellite was launched by:
(A) ‘France
(B) USSR ✓
(C) Japan
(D) UK

45. As of 2012, how many countries were members of the Non-Aligned Movement:
(A) 100
(B) 110
(C) 120 ✓
(D) 150

46. Which of the following agencies related to UNO was in existence before World War II?
(C) ILO ✓

47. The first SAARC summit was held at?
(A) New Delhi
(B) Dhaka ✓
(C) Islamabad
(D) Nepal

48. Which among the following is a positively charged particle emitted by a radioactive element?
(A) Beta rays
(B) Alpha rays ✓
(C) Gamma rays
(D) Cathode rays

49. If there is no sun, the color of the sky would be:
(A) Orange
(B) Blue
(C) Yellow
(D) None of these ✓

50. Which of the following is not a chemical reaction?
(A) Burning of a paper
(B) Conversion of water into stream ✓
(C) Digestion of food
(D) Burning of coal

51. A chronometer meter measures:
(A) Soundwaves
(B) Time ✓
(C) Color contrast
(D) Water waves

52. The lightest particle of the matter is:
(A) Electron
(B) Neutron ✓
(C) Proton
(D) Deutron

53. Meteorology is:
(A) Science of atmosphere ✓
(B) Study of weights & measures
(C) Study of growth
(D) Study of Stars

54. Which is called “Key to the Mediterranean”?
(A) Gibraltar ✓
(B) Egypt
(C) Indonesia
(D) Iraq

55. Which of the following is known as ‘Land of White Elephants’?
(A) Netherlands
(B) Indonesia
(C) Thailand ✓
(D) Belgium

56. “Hansard” is the official verbatim report of the:
(A) British Parliament ✓
(B) US Parliament
(C) Swiss Parliament
(D) Indian Parliament

57. Who said, “Better to reign in Hell than Serve in Heaven”
(A) Milton ✓
(B) William Shakespeare
(C) Tennyson
(D) William Wordsworth

58. Vasco de Gama was a native of:
(A) the United Kingdom
(B) Portugal ✓
(C) Spain
(D) Greece

59. Which country is separated from Ethiopia by the Red Sea?
(A) Jordan
(B) Iraq
(C) Kuwait
(D) Yemen ✓

60. The term Paper Gold is associated with:
(A) Deficit Budgeting
(B) Special drawing rights in the international monetary system ✓
(C) Special facility for World Bank
(D) Gold Standard

61. Income that is saved and not invested is known as:
(A) Capital
(B) Deposit ✓
(C) Hoarding
(D) None of these

62. European Union consists of:
(A) 20 members
(B) 28 members ✓
(C) 30 members
(D) 25 members

63. KGB was the national security agency of-
(A) the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
(B) the UK
(C) Syria
(D) the Soviet Union ✓

64. Who was the surgeon who pioneered antiseptic surgery in 1865?
(A) Edward Jenner
(B) Joseph Lister ✓
(C) Henry William
(D) John Sleeman

65. The credit of developing the polio vaccine goes to:
(A) Jonas Salk ✓
(B) Alb E, Sabin
(C) Selman Waksman
(D) None of these

66. Who invented the ball point pen?
(A) Waterman
(B) Oscar
(C) Wilson
(D) Lazio Biro ✓

67. Blaise Pascal is associated with:
(A) Calculation Machine ✓
(B) Computer
(C) Cinema
(D) None of these

68. A metal which is liquid at room temperature is:
(A) Gold
(B) Aluminium
(C) Mercury ✓
(D) Platinum

69. Study of earthquakes is known as:
(A) Ecology
(B) Seismology ✓
(C) Numismatics
(D) None of these

70. Ecology deals with:
(A) Birds
(B) Cell formation
(C) Relations between Organisms and their Environment ✓
(D) Tissues

71. Oncology is the study of:
(A) Plants
(B) Cancer ✓
(C) Mammals
(D) Soil

72. Optic fibers are mainly used for which of the following?
(A) Weaving
(B) Eye Surgery
(C) Communication ✓
(D) Food Industry

73. Mount Logan is the highest peak in which country?
(A) Canada ✓
(B) Portugal
(C) Russia
(D) Cuba

74. In which State of U S.A is Harvard University?
(A) California
(B) Massachusetts ✓
(C) New York
(D) Florida

75. The first test-tube baby of the World was born in:
(A) France
(B) the Philippines
(C) Britain ✓

76. What makes a lemon sour?
(A) Tartaric acid
(B) Citric acid ✓
(C) Acetic acid
(D) Hydrochloric acid

77. “Stare decisis” is essentially the doctrine of:
(A) national security
(B) precedent
(C) strategic depth
(D) rule of law ✓

78. Which country is the largest producer of platinum?
(A) South Africa ✓
(B) the USA
(C) Russia
(D) Canada

79. The country is traditionally known for its neutrality?
(A) Sweden
(B) Switzerland ✓
(C) France
(D) China

80. Who discovered the Solar system?
(A) Copernicus ✓
(B) Newton
(C) Galileo
(D) Kepler

81. Fathom is the unit of measurement for:
(A) Sound
(B) Depth ✓
(C) Energy
(D) Time

82. Which is the hardest among the following?
(A) Radium
(B) Diamond ✓
(C) Graphite
(D) Gold

83. Which is the sport most commonly associated with Spain?
(A) Football
(B) Bull Fighting ✓
(C) Archery
(D) Basebail

84. Which of the following is associated with Einstein?
(A) Radioactivity
(B) Theory of Relativity ✓
(C) Rocket propulsion
(D) Quantum Theory

85. Who among the following received Nobel Prize twice:
(A) Frederic Joliot
(B) Marie Curie ✓
(C) Irene Curie
(D) John Wheeler

86. The smallest gland in the body is:
(A) adrenal
(B) pancreas
(C) pineal body ✓
(D) pituitary

87. London is situated on the bank of the river?
(A) Tyne
(B) the Seine
(C) the Thames ✓
(D) Came

88. Plants during night exhale:
(A) Oxygen
(B) Carbon dioxide ✓
(C) Nitrogen
(D) Hydrogen

89. The headquarters of OPEC countries is at:
(A) Vienna ✓
(B) Jakarta
(C) Hague
(D) Berlin

90. The only Hindu State* in the World is:
(A) Sri Lanka
(B) Nepal ✓
(C) Bhutan
(D) India

91. In which year UNO was established?
(A) 1944
(B) 1945 ✓ [October 24, 1945, San Francisco, California, United States]
(C) 1946
(D) 1935

92. The first astronaut who landed on the Moon?
(A) Yuri Gagarin
(B) Neil Armstrong ✓
(C) Neil Bohr
(D) None of these

93. Which Continent has no desert?
(A) Australia
(B) Europe ✓
(C) Asia
(D) Africa

94. Which Pakistani poet got the ‘Lenin Prize’
(A) Habib Jalib
(B) Ahmad Faraz
(C) Faiz Ahmad Faiz ✓
(D) None of these

95. When RCD (Regional Cooperation for Development) was replaced by ECO (Economic Cooperation Organization)?
(A) 1982
(B) 1985 ✓
(C) 1986
(D) 1990

96. Inflation means that:
(A) Money falls in value ✓
(B) Rises in value
(C) Money becomes scarce
(D) None of these

97. Who among the following is associated with the Theory of Laissez-Faire?
(A) Adam Smith ✓
(B) Marshal
(C) Keynes
(D) Max Muller

is associated with which of the following sports?
(A) Sailing✓
(B) Hockey
(C) Canoeing
(D) Tennis

99. Silk is produced by:
(A) Larva of Silkworm ✓
(B) Eggs of silkworm
(C) Pupa of silkworm
(D) None of these

100. Scurry is a disease of:
(A) eyes
(B) skin ✓
(C) hair
(D) liver

Building Image of Pakistan English Essay for CSS


Building Image of Pakistan English Essay for CSS

Essay is just a literary composition of any given Topic.  Essay cannot be attractive unless you do not give lightness, grace and ease. There are some good techniques of Essay writing, students can develop good essay writing skills by adopting these techniques of essay writing. These techniques of Essay Writing can be helpful in all exams of essay writing including competitive exams like CSS, PMS, PPSC, etc. Building Image of Pakistan English Essay for CSS is to provide the current situation of country, diplomacy, foreign relations, responsibilities of govt. and individuals and analysis over the image and prestige of country.


1.  Introduction
2.  Present Image of Pakistan
3.  Building Image of Pakistan through
I.  Diplomacy and foreign relations
i.  Extending friendly hand towards neighbor countries
ii.  Regional cooperation
II. Media projection
i. Public diplomacy
ii. China’s example
III. Eradicating domestic issues
i. Controlling image of a corrupt nation
ii. Establishing peace for business
iii. Denying foreign allegations
iv. Dignity of the govt. institutions
v. Economic self-reliance
vi.  Increasing investment
4. Conclusion


                   The world today has much to object to Pakistan. Various tags are attached to this country whenever it is named in any international media or any world forum. Building a strong image of Pakistan is the absolute need of the hour. With these media revolutions, an immediacy of the global response stands as the direct outcome of globalization. This is the world where the apparent image matters a lot, even more than what the reality stands for. Only those nations in the world have managed to secure a dignified image in the world who have put a concerted effort in their image-building; either it is through media, or diplomacy. Certain issues have greatly tarnished Pakistan’s image internationally that must be of great concern for the govt. public and all the responsible institutions of Pakistan. Pakistan’s media, institutions, and army has an important role to play in building a respectable image in the globe. Most importantly the global factors which are developing a conspiracy to tarnish the image of Pakistan as a failed state must be dealt with decisively. In this regard issues at home come first to present a positive image (to the) outside world.

Present Image of Pakistan

                     Terrorism’ is our sole identity. We are seen both as a problem and as the key to its solution. Whether we accept it or not, our image and recognition in the community of nations today is only as a breeding ground for religious extremism and militancy and as a country afflicted with a culture of violence and corruption. We are today politically unstable, economically weak, and socially fragmented. The image of Pakistan which was once visualized by the founding father of Pakistan seems no more like a dream. ‘Transparency- International’ has put Pakistan on 34th number? while the FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) has been decreased to 83% in the fiscal year 2012. Weak democracy is a political norm and dependence on foreign aid and debt is not something surprising to the world community. Pakistan is often objected to for worst conditions of human rights violation with lack of accountability and transparent legal process are another titles attached to our country’s name? The image of Pakistan as a sovereign state can be achieved by bringing about radical changes at the international and local levels.

Building Image of Pakistan through

Diplomacy and foreign relations

                    Foreign-policy of a country serves as the apparent character of a nation in front of the other countries. It is with this policy a nation can secure a dignified status on the international forum. For much of our history, Pakistan’s foreign policy agenda has been shaped by a civil-military complex of power reflecting the preferences and interests of our ruling elite and special interest groups. The balance of power between the civil and military bureaucracy kept changing but it was they who invariably controlled our policies on such crucial issues as relations with India, China, the US and the Gulf states and the nuclear issues. In many) cases, non-institutional processes by-passing elected leaders and bodies were instrumental in laying down policies that did not stand the test of] time and had to be re-adjusted or reversed altogether (as of during Afghan War in the 1980s regarding supporting Taliban) A dignified and respectable image of Pakistan is only possible when the leadership (both civilian and military) helps to formulate a foreign policy through institutional rather than personal approach with greater focus on domestic political, economic and social consolidation.
                Building the image Pakistan cannot be done successfully if the international relations of a country are lopsided and based on temporary advantage. Currently, the image of Pakistan in the world community is predominantly what the global powers especially the US; publicize it as. History is witness to this fact that international relations of Pakistan were maintained by immediate domestic concerns rather than a dispassionate analysis of international realities. Though Pakistan has remained a key non-NATO ally of the US since 2004 both countries have seen divergence and convergence of interests. The packages like ‘Enhanced Partnership Act 2009’ (Kerry Lugar Act) reflect the divergent interests and can tarnish Pakistan’s image further. It is necessary for the govt. of Pakistan to have a dialogue on equal footings with the US govt. either it is regarding “US Drone Strikes’ or enhancing military operation against militants’ hideouts in Pakistan. Complications may come in the course of action but building a sovereign image is above all the crises.
                   The image of a country is chiefly reflected in its relations with the closest neighbour. The diplomatic relations between Pakistan and India have always been troubled marked by ‘conflict and confrontation’ even since 1947. The image of Pakistan is always tried to be distorted by India time and again especially after the emergence of militancy in Pakistan. Two major terrorist incidents in India i.e. ‘Samjhota Express Incident’ and ‘Mumbai Attacks (in 2008)’ have become a clever tactic of the Indian govt. to defame Pakistan internationally as a terrorist state, and it has remained successful in doing so. Banning the Jihadi organizations like ‘Lashkar-e-Tayyaba’ in Pakistan did not fulfill the purpose as Pakistan is still confronting the ambivalent views of the international world of being either the ‘source’ or the Victim’ of terrorism. Pakistan govt. must actively, resume the stalled peace process as the negative propaganda of the Indian govt. against Pakistan has deeply harmed Pakistan’s image in the world. It is necessary for Pakistan (to avoid) being a punching bag of India.
                        The trend of our times is peace and development through regional cooperation. Standing on firm footings in this arena of foreign policy is essential to build a strong image internationally. This is true of South Asia, East Asia, or Central Asia as it is of Europe, Africa, and Middle East. Regional cooperation has been an important element of Pakistan’s foreign policy and we started this journey in 1964 when Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey, motivated by a regional impulse, established a cooperative mechanism called “Regional Cooperation for Development” or RCD. In 1979 it was revised as Economic Cooperation Organization. Regional cooperation can be an important tool for Pakistan to build its image in the member countries of these organizations such as ECO, OIC, and SAARC. Though disparities in the form of govt. and economic inequalities hurdled the very process of mutual understanding but these organizations are an important platform for a country like Pakistan to establish a peaceful and pleasant image in the neighboring countries through OIC and SAARC have not played a very practical role but ECO served to revive the historical, cultural and emotional links among the people of the region.
Media projection
“You are what you show (to be)” is the phenomenon of this media-oriented world. The media is the most powerful entity on earth. It has the power to show ‘innocent’ as ‘guilty’ and ‘guilty’ as ‘innocent’, and that’s the real power. It is media that introduces the distorted or dignified image of a country to the world outside. The countries like China and India are crucially focusing on their media to project their positive image in the world. As far as building a positive image of Pakistan is concerned Pakistan’s media especially private electronic media has not been able to project a worthy image. Various current affairs programmes telecast on private channels such as “Capital Talk”, “Jawab Deh”, “Sawal ye he” at times seem to exaggerate the domestic political and social issues in order to create a sensation in their audience. This has given a horrible picture of Pakistan about which the world community is already concerned. As long as the state channel PTV (Pakistan Television) stands its role in building the image of Pakistan has remained quite docile and passive with the narrow scope of communication and lack of international standards of the electronic media.
                       Building image is taken not only in official terms which refers to the interaction of nations at the diplomatic level. Today, in this world of enlightenment and individual awareness regarding the international world? Since Pakistan has always favoured congenial relations with other countries its image could not been uplifted through, public diplomacy. In this century public opinion matters a lot to formulate an image of other nations. A state must keep in mind that its foreign policies should attract the public of other states and only then a state can achieve its desired image. Pakistan can follow the example of the China’s public diplomacy which has earned China a respectable image in the world.
President Hu Jintao said in July 2009,
“The implementation of public diplomacy is directly related to China’s image”.
(The Post October, 2010)
Public diplomacy can also help Pakistan for building a positive image.
                 Because of the rise of globalization, the states have been using new strategies to promote their world wide-image. The ‘public diplomacy’ is a tool to impress the public of other states and the country like China knows how to do it. According to BBC poll from 2005 which was carried out in 22 nations, 48% of people thought China’s role in world as positive. It is through public diplomacy that China has got this image Pakistan’s govt. can also utilize print and electronic media to make the world aware of its rich culture, efforts for peace, cultural festivals and unique diversity of the geographical conditions. This way the image of Pakistan in the world can improve to a certain extent.
Eradicating domestic issues
                    Pakistan’s image has been significantly tarnished by a few domestic, social and political issues. Owing to these menaces Pakistan’s image in the world has been of a poorly governed country with instable democratic institutions. The problem of image-building of Pakistan is not solely an external issue but the crucial hurdles lie within the country. The country has witnessed the military coups for more than 30 years. Frequent dissolution of constitution has rendered Pakistan vulnerable to the image of an ill-governed country which does not respect values of democracy. For strengthening Pakistan’s image the leadership, both sitting in the govt. and in opposition, must consolidate the democratic institutions through culture of tolerance, rule of law and supremacy of the constitution and parliament. As Pakistan is in war state political turmoil would further hamper the image. The martial laws of General Zia in 1979 and of General Musharraf of 1999 are already considered as the dark chapters of the Pakistan’s political history and further political destabilization would be discouraging for building image of Pakistan.
                     Unbridled corruption and almost missing accountability process are the tags which are always attached with the image of Pakistan. ‘Corruption Perception Index 2009’ by Transparency International Ranks Pakistan at 139th position out of 180 countries. India’s ranking is much better than that of Pakistan (which is 84). Looking at Human Development Index Report 2009 (issued by UNDP) the situation is even worse. Pakistan ranks at 141 out of 182 countries. One of the biggest defame of the year 2010 was the “Hajj Scam shortly after when the image of Pakistan was still doubtful with reopening of NRO (in 2009). In Hajj Scam FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) arrested 6 officials while exposed NRO(National Reconciliation Ordinance) exposed 8,000 beneficiaries of the political sanctuaries. At this time it is absolutely necessary to establish a transparent accountability system to avoid such kind of defaming incidents again. It will take a few years for Pakistan project its image being a lawful country but the results will worth effort and time span.
                     What to say of image in the world when the tourists feel insecure of visiting a country. For a few years (especially after 2001) it has been so with Pakistan. The country which was once renowned for its tourist spots of Northern areas is now thought to be the most dangerous zone especially for those visiting from West. It is with this image of a state with high crime rate and incorporated terrorist culture that the foreign investors have rolled back their business from Pakistan. The fiscal year) 2012 witnessed 83% of deficiency in Foreign Investment. According to the Economic Survey of Pakistan 2009-10 between 2002 and April 2010 more than 8,000 terrorist incidents took place in Pakistan resulting in] 8,875 deaths of both civilians as well as personnel’s members of LEAs (Law Enforcing Agencies) and injuries to a further number of 20,675 people. These figures do tell what kind of image Pakistan has regarding terrorism’. The only way to alter this image is to devote all the military and civil efforts to eradicate this growing menace. US interference has further led to global humiliation for Pakistan.
The assassination of Osama Bin Laden, (the Prime suspect of US war on terror) in Abbotabad in May 2011 by US Navy SEAL operation left Pakistan with global embarrassment. The ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) of Pakistan and the govt. Were alleged to provide sanctuary to the militants. Later Pakistan was alleged to have close connections with Haqqani Network. Though Pakistan has been fighting terrorism actually from 2004 but it could, not project its true efforts before the Western world. The govt. of Pakistan must take a clear stand against an uninformed US operation within its territory as the blatant and flagrant violation of the image of Pakistan as a sovereign state. The govt. off Pakistan, the military and other law enforcing institutions reform the current policy of verbally condemning jihadism and actually fighting it in some places but secretly supporting it in other places. Strong projection of peace can crucially help Pakistan to have a desired image. It should access UN’s help claim Pakistan’s contribution and sacrifices for US-led Terror’.
                   The dignity of the govt.’s institutions is essential for a country to enjoy an elevated image in the world. Most of (the govt.) institutions of Pakistan are defamed for their impractical mechanism or incorporated culture of nepotism and exploitation of powers. Police department is such a govt. institution which is usually labeled with the titles like Thana Culture’. Other objectionable practices of this department provide the world with ample opportunities to defame the image of the country. Last year in August 2010 one of the worst incidents took place at the hand of police official. Two young innocent boys were brutally lynched in Sialkot. In another incident in 2011 a group of foreigners was callously gunned down by the rangers considering them terrorists. Both these events caused huge international condemnation for Pakistan. At this moment when Pakistan is already in the world’s focus, the institutions must give up the malpractices. The accountability of public office holders must be strict in order to improve the present image of Pakistan. Image cannot be built only with fake promises and hollow slogans as the world focuses us with keen eye, the power of media.
                   “Beggars can’t be choosers” When a nation develops beggary it is left at the disposal of the other countries to (decide) its image. A respectable image and pegging and borrowing don’t happen to coincide. Economic self-reliance is one of the most crucial factors behind building a strong (image). Unfortunately, the economic self-reliance and breaking the begging bowl is mere a political slogan for a common Pakistani, as nearly 50% of our budget is dependent on foreign assistance and loans. We opted for an aid dependent growth in early 60s with a view to accelerating the growth of output. Though refusal to foreign aid is not easy but it is key factor in building a dignified image of Pakistan. Economic self-reliance requires revenue generation from local resources. It is tragic that we seek loans from the IMF to pay back our previous loans and thus have built an image of a ‘chronic beggar’ like Philippines at the international level. Pakistani banks have quietly written off Rs. 50 billion fresh loans outstanding against the borrowers during the last 2 years and at the same time, our total borrowing from. World Bank, Asian Development Bank and IMF reaches $31 billion. Breaking begging bowl would ensure the building of the desired image in the world.
                      The fiscal year 2012 witnessed 83% decrease in the foreign investment. This is said to be the direct result of the image of Pakistan having high corruption and poor law and order situation. The investment has been reduced to 50.1 million dollar from the US, UK and European Union countries along with other nations. The country from where the investors are running away needs to build a positive image utilizing all its potentialities. With all the labels attached with our image in the world China has remained a strategic economic partner. The Karakoram Highway, Gawadar Port, Chasma nuclear power plants and the JE, Thunder Fighter aircraft are testimony to both the range and substance of the ties. Our failure in being part of China’s prosperity lies in our failure to manage our affairs at home. Our manufacturers, industrial goods and commodities services have all taken a big hit by the violence that afflicts us along with a tarnished image. Strengthening trade relations with the nation like China would attract other nations as well since good trade relations are the proof of good image. Our business community has a substantial role to play in this regard. Creating an investment friendly environment would certainly lead the country to build a better image at least in the world business community. Pakistan’s geo strategic location is an attraction for the landlocked countries.
                     Art, literature and sports always play a remarkable role in building a praiseworthy image of the nations. Though Pakistan does not lag behind in scholars, writers, artists and sportsmen of the international calibre but their powerful projection lacks. This hinders the world to consider Pakistan rich in arts and sports. It is of great pride for Pakistan that a prestigious foreign policy magazine has ranked Pakistan’s ‘Ahmed Rashid’ at number 51 in a bid to reward the world’s best minds. He was I ranked above Henry Kissinger, Amartya Den, Francis Fukuyama, Gordan Brown and Richard Hoas. Similarly Pakistan got international praise when its sportsmen won some international tournament as of World Cup in 1992, at the same time it was a shock for the image of Pakistan that 3 of its international cricketers got jail imprisonment from ICC
International Cricket Council against ‘spot fixing’ in the recent months of year 2011. This was a great blow for the country as the breeder of world champions. The govt. must establish sports clubs in small towns to encourage and train sportsmen from all the sectors of the country. Sportsmen with true sportsmanship can elevate the image of Pakistan to the zenith of dignity and envy for other nations.


                 Pakistan’s image has suffered a lot. World history has proved that none other state can present our respectable image but we ourselves. Though a few of the tags associated with our image may stand true but we should project a different image to the world. It is we who are going to project a Pakistan with its true ideology and vision. Making an effort to take Pakistan out of the trap of chronic issues will not do the whole purpose but projection of those efforts is all the more necessary. We will not want the world history to remind our country as the sanctuary for terrorists, a country where culture of tolerance and peace does not exist, a region which is; though resourcefully rich but; unaware of its true potential; a nation which; comprises of more than 60% of youth but; passive to take any initiative in the revolutions. Certainly this is not the true image of Pakistan. We have to build an image which is of a nation who takes pride if its own culture, a country which extends a friendly hand even to the hostile neighbours and a state which respects its leaders. The image of Pakistan has suffered a lot but today we are standing at that point of history where the world revolutions are the talk of every corner of the globe. We should also take an initiative to take Pakistan’s image to a dignified level.





It is the list of those essays which has been asked in previous CSS exams and intend to be most important. By practicing those essays u can achieve a robust grip in essays. the following essays may not repeat but surely play a crucial role to enlarge the idea that how a CSS essay paper is formatted. English Essay is the toughest time giving the subject of CSS. Most of the students fail to give what they are asked to present in the essay. Either they are not good in English grammar or have no credible facts and figures to support their writing. This uphill task can be covered through extensive reading and then writing the same in his / her own wording. Practice makes a man perfect. So, one should read quality material to get the whole idea of the topic. Here is a list of some tremendously written essays on burning issues. These are based on social, political, religious, and economic issues.


Most Important Topic List of English Essay

  1. Right of women
  2. The nation which loses faith in God, deteriorate
  3. Moral standard in international affairs
  4. Role of expatriates in Pakistan progress
  5. Is modern civilization is failure?
  6. Menace of human trafficking
  7. Tolerance
  8. Man`s place in the universe
  9. Your concept of an ideal bureaucrat
  10. Women place in home and society
  11. Joint family system
  12. The power and responsibility of the press
  13. Trends in Pakistan`s foreign policy
  14. Falling standard of education……causes and remedies
  15. The need for and importance of tolerance and moderation in politics
  16. Importance of independence of media
  17. Upcoming elections
  18. First and foremost duty of government
  19. Population planning in Pakistan
  20. Peer pressure
  21. Role of political parties in Pakistan
  22. The end of cheap oil….or Oil crisis
  23. Importance of women in Islamic society
  24. USA behavior with the Muslim world
  25. Should higher education be provided for the selected few only?
  26. Humanism
  27. Israel, the threat of world peace
  28. Self-finance scheme in the government institute
  29. Scientific progress is confronting the natural system
  30. higher education in Pakistan
  31. Modern banking, finance, and employment are part of one single paradigm
  32. Genuine rural uplift can only make our country strong and self-reliant
  33. United we stand……Divided we fall
  34. A long dispute means that both parties are wrong
  35. The mystical and idealistic spirit of Islam
  36. All recorder history is contemporaneous
  37. Corruption in Pakistan
  38. National solidarity…..ways and means of achievements
  39. Longing for love
  40. Politics should be a forbidden fruit for our students
  41. Unemployment
  42. Interest-free banking or Ideal banking system
  43. The pluralistic vision of Islam
  44. Science and religion
  45. Inflation in Pakistan…..Discuss the reasons
  46. Importance of education for women
  47. clash of civilization
  48. Drug…..a great menace or Addiction to drugs
  49. Future of Baluchistan or Baluchistan crisis
  50. ISI accusation report
  51. smuggling
  52. Strikes
  53. The dilemma of the water and energy crisis in Pakistan (2003)
  54. Art critics and reviewers (2003)
  55. Alleviation of poverty (2005)
  56. Persecuted poor women (2005)
  57. Foreign direct investment (F.D.I) in Pakistan (2006)
  58. Personalization of Pakistani politics (2006)
  59. Formal and casual dressing codes (2003)
  60. Liberalism (2006)
  61. Existentialism (2003)
  62. Socio-economic challenges faced by Pakistan (2005)
  63. Islam versus the west (2005)
  64. International crisis in terrorism (2000)
  65. Humour in Urdu literature (2006)
  66. Higher science education in developing countries (2000)
  67. The search for truth (2005)
  68. Nuclear weapons are not only a great peril but great hope (2006)
  69. Austerity, As a solution to all our economic problems (2000)
  70. The economic prosperity of a nation is directly proportional to the level of literacy in it (2001)
  71. Politics is perhaps the only profession for which no preparation is thought necessary (2000)
  72. National Integration ( 2001)
  73. Risk of “Soviet syndrome” for Pakistan (1999)
  74. The higher economic problem at Pakistan and how to meet them (2000)
  75. Devolution of power in Pakistan (2001)
  76. Art and morality (2000)
  77. Need for serious planning in technical education in Pakistan (2000)
  78. Is the world ready for the Gene age? (1999)
  79. Public office is a public trust (2001)
  80. Piety at public expense (1999)
  81. The greatest of evil and the worst of crime is poverty (1996)
  82. The struggle to raise`s a nation`s living standard is fought first and foremost in the classroom (1999)
  83. The pleasure of idleness (1997)
  84. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty (1996)
  85. Renaissance in the Muslim world: Prospects and perils (1999)
  86. The press and the nation rise and fall together (1996)
  87. Most of the history is guessing and the rest is prejudice (1999)
  88. Expanding I.T; a curse or blessing (1997)
  89. CTBT and its implications for Pakistan (1996)
  90. The decay of Idealism in Pakistan (1999)
  91. Human development must b objective for all other development (1997)
  92. Ravages of flood and their control in Pakistan (1996)
  93. he current economic scenario in Pakistan (1996)
  94. Pakistan as leader of the Islamic world (1998)
  95. Is a small family necessarily a prosperous family? discuss (1996)
  96. Muslim perception for the west, and the western perception for Islam (1997)
  97. World economic scenario and Pakistan place in it (1998)
  98. Accountability first and elections later (1996)
  99. The causes of female backwardness in Pakistan and an appraisal of the contribution that woman can make to national development effort (1996)
  100. Frailty thy name is a woman (1998)
  101. Nuclear weapons are not only a great peril but great hope (2006)
  102. The danger of nuclear war in the years to come (1998)
  103. Civil war “in Afghanistan” consequences for regional countries (1997)
  104. The scourge of sectarian militancy and ethnic violence in Pakistan (1996)
  105. The role of science in the next century (1998)
  106. Democracy in Pakistan will remain insecure without strong local self-government institution (1997)
  107. History as “the biography of great men ” (1998)
  108. My philosophy in life
  109. In a democracy the voter of the vicious and stupid count but under any other system they might “be running the show”.(1997)
  110. he United Nations: Its triumphs and failures since its inception (1998)
  111. Estrangement from our own culture is driving us on the verge of collapse, not just our identity but out morality (2005)
  112. WTO (world trade organization) and its implication for developing economies like Pakistan (1997)
  113. A review of the political and economical development (1998)
  114. The national economy and its tribulation (1997)
  115. Important quotations for essay
  116. Truth is short supply (2006)
  117. Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change (2003)
  118. Young habits die-hard (2003)
  119. We grow too old soon and too late smart (2006)
  120. Every art is an imitation of nature (2000)
  121. “Brain-like heart” go where they are appreciated (2006)
  122. Every solution breeds a new problem (2006)
  123. “of all the needs a book has, the chief need is that it be readable” (2000)
  124. Turn not thy check-in scorn toward folk nor walk with pertness in the land ( Al-Quran) (2001)
  125. Education has for its object the formation of character (2000)
  126. Justice delayed is justice denied (2001)
  127. And who is saved from narrow-mindedness…….such are they who are successful ( Al-Quran ) (1999)
  128. The man was born free and everywhere he is in chains (1996)
  129. Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes (2001)
  130. None but the brave deserve the fair (1997)
  131. Self-conceit may lead to self-destruction (2001)
  132. Who eats the fruit should at least plant the seed (2001)
  133. The cream rises to the top, so does the scum (1999)
  134. Man gets what he strives for ( Al-Quran ) (1996)
  135. It is not only fine feather the makes fine birds (2001)
  136. For forms, of government, Lets fools contest, whatever is administered best is best (1999)
  137. How it is given is worth more than the gift (1997)
  138. I disapprove of what u say but I ‘ll defend to the death your right to say it (1996)
  139. The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your arms (2001)
  140. How can a man indulge in bribery, and nepotism, and injustice, and in extortion, and deception, without batting an eyelid, if he believes in here after (1996)
  141. lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny (2006)
  142. Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains (1998)
  143. There comes a time to put aside principles and do what’s right (2006)
  144. All life is a game of power, the object of the game is simple enough to know that (1998)
  145. Imperatives of justice
  146. Role of information technology in the 21st century
  147. The purification of politics is an iridescent dream
  148. Moral standards in international relations
  149. Causes of backwardness of Muslim countries
  150. Significance of human rights in modern society
  151. Internation terrorism-fact or fallacy
  152. Importance of tolerance in social life
  153. New world order-hopes and Apprehensions
  154. Courtesy
  155. Personal liberty is the paramount essential to human dignity and human happiness
  156. Good governance and the role of a public servant
  157. If u wish the sympathy of broad manes, then u must tell them the crudest and most stupid things
  158. Sweet are the uses of adversity
  159. Progressive alleviation of poverty in Pakistan (an overview)
  160. Hero-worship is the strongest where there is the least regard for human freedom
  161. Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govern, but impossible to enslave
  162. Advancement in science and technology is the gateway to the economic prosperity of a country
  163. We never know the worth of water till the well is dry
  164. Is Pakistan ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century?

PPSC Field Assistant (BS-12) Solved Past Paper 2019


PPSC Field Assistant (BS-12) Solved Past Paper 2019


1. Freetown is the capital of _____?

(A) Senegal
(B) Guinea
(C) Sierra Leone ✓
(D) Liberia

2. Which of the following country has no boundary with Syria?
(A) Jraq
(B) Iran ✓
(C) Turkey
(D) Israel

3. The land of hospitality is____?
(A) KPK ✓
(B) Sindh
(C) Baluchistan
(D) Punjab

4. Which of the following is the theme of the 2019 World Day of Social Justice observed on February 20, 2019?
(A) If You Want Peace & Development, Work for Social Justice ✓
(B) Preventing conflict and sustaining peace through decent work
(C) Promote global justice & poverty eradication
(D) None of these

5. For Economics category a first Nobel prize was given in _______ ?
(A) 1901
(B) 1969 ✓
(C) 1945
(D) 1968

5. 22 April is celebrated as:
(A) World Scout Day
(B) World Water Day
(C) World Earth Day ✓
(D) World Environment Day
(E) None of these

6. The Famous Monroe Doctrine2 was enunciated on:
(A) 2 December, 1823 ✓
(B) 4 April, 1829
(C) 16 December 1845
(D) 2 June 1869
(E) None of these

7. Which prime Minister of England served on two occasions:
(A) Lord Attali
(B) Winston Churchill
(C) Benjamin Disraeli ✓
(D) Margret Theatre
(E) None of these

8. Uncle Sam is nick of which country:
(A) England
(B) Australia
(C) Germany
(D) U.S.A ✓
(E) None of these

9. Ashab-e-Kahaf belonged to country:
(A) Iran
(B) Iraq
(C) Egypt
(D) Syria ✓
(E) None of these

10. Which of the following cities is located on the bank of River Euphrates:
(A) Karbalah ✓
(B) Bassra
(C) Mosal
(D) Damascus

11. Pakistan shares 805 Km long border with:
(A) India
(B) China
(C) Iran ✓
(D) Afghanistan

12. Pakistan covers an area of 3,10,400 square miles which is equal to:
(A) 6,96,096 square Kms
(B) 7,96,096 square Kms ✓
(C) 8,96,096 square Kms
(D) 9,96,096 square Kms

13. The province of Punjab covers an area of:
(A) 3,47,190 Sq. Km
(B) 74,521 Sq. Km
(C) 1,40,914 Sq. Km
(D) 2,01,345 Sq. Kms ✓

14. In terms of area the largest province is:
(A) Sindh
(B) Baluchistan ✓
(C) Punjab

15. Baluchistan covers an area of 3,47,190 sq. Kms which in ratio to the total area of the country is:
(A) 43.6% ✓
(B) 33.6% $
(C) 30.2 %
(D) 28.2%

16. The lower Indus plain lies between:
(A) Multan and the Arabian Sea
(B) D.G. Khan and Arabian sea
(C) Mithankot and Arabian Sea ✓
(D) Bahawalpur and Arabian Sea

17. The number of Pakistan’s total districts in all the provinces (27 divisions) is:
(A) 102
(B) 108 ✓
(C) 112
(D) 116

18. The province of Punjab comprises Of:
(A) 34 districts ✓
(B) 36 districts
(C) 38 districts
(D) 40 districts

19. The districts of Mansehra and Swabi lie jn the province of:
(A) Sindh
(B) Baluchistan
(C) NWFP ✓
(D) Punjab

20. The total number of districts of Baluchistan province is:
(A) 25
(B) 27 ✓
(C) 29
(D) 31

21. If there is no sun, the color of the sky would be:
(A) Orange
(B) Blue
(C) Yellow
(D) None of these ✓

22. Which of the following is not a chemical reaction?
(A) Burning of a paper
(B) Conversion of water into steam ✓
(C) Digestion of food
(D) Burning of coal

23. A chronometer measures:
(A) Sound waves
(B) Time ✓
(C) Color contrast
(D) Water waves

24. The lightest particle of the matter is:
(A) Electron ✓
(B) Neutron
(C) Proton
(D) Deuteron

25. Meteorology is:
(A) Science of atmosphere ✓
(B) Study of weights & measures
(C) Study of growth
(D) Study of stars

26. The credit of developing the polio vaccine goes to:
(A) Jonas Salk ✓
(B) Albert Sabin
(C) Salman Waksman
(D) None of these

27. Who invented the ballpoint pen?
(A) Waterman
(B) Oscar
(C) Wilson
(D) Laszlo Biro ✓

28. Blaise Pascal is associated with:
(A) Calculation Machine ✓
(B) Computer
(C) Cinema
(D) Laszlo Biro

29. A metal which is liquid at room temperature is:
(A) Gold
(B) Aluminium
(C) Mercury ✓
(D) Platinum

30. Study of earthquakes is known as:
(A) Ecology
(B) Seismology ✓
(C) Numismatics
(D) None of these

31. When the soil surface is protected with the residue of a crop, the practice is called:
(a) Nitrogen fixation
(b) Sheet erosion
(c) Tillage
(d) Mulching3 ✓

32. Bhagnari is a breed of:
(a) Buffalo
(b) Cow ✓
(c) Sheep
(d) Poultry
(E) None of these

33. A forestation means:
(a) Forest Research Station
(b) To convert the land into forest ✓
(c) Utilization of forest products
(d) None of these

34. Population genetics is based on:
(a) Principles of population control
(b) Mendel’s Law
(c) Hardy Weinberg’s law ✓
(d) Genotype-environment interaction
(e) None of these

35. Inqalab – 91 is a variety of:
(a) Rice
(b) Cotton
(c) Sugarcane
(d) Wheat ✓
(e) None of there

36. The filament of an electric bulb is made of:
(a) Tungsten ✓
(b) Carbon
(c) Nitrogen
(d) Iodine

37. Crossing over occurs between:
(a) Sister Chromatids
(b) Homologous Chromosomes ✓
(c) Non-Homologous Chromosomes
(d) None of these

38. Gypsum is a rich source of:
(a) Calcium + Zinc
(b) Potassium + Nitrogen
(c) Calcium + Sulphur ✓
(d) None of these

39. F.A.O. has its headquarters in:
(a) London
(b) New York
(C) Geneva
(d) None of these ✓

40. Organic matter in soil helps in:
(a) Improving soil structure ✓
(b) Improving soil texture
(c) Weed control
(d) Building up of organic compounds in crops
(e) None of these

41. Pakistan will conduct its Population census in 2017s?
(A) 4th population census
(B) 5th population census
(C) 6th population census ✓
(D) 7th population census

42. Pakistan’s sixth population census will be carried out in   ?
(A) February 2017
(B) March 2017 ✓
(C) April 2017
(D) May 2017

43. Who is the newly Appointed DG ISPR of the Pakistan Army? (15 December 2016 to date)
(A) Lt General Asim Saleem Bajwa
(B) Major General Asif Ghafoor ✓
(C) Major General Athar Abbas
(D) Major General Waheed Arshad

44. USA have signed an agreement to provide Rs 8.5 billion to the WAPDA for the construction of?
(A) Dia Mir Bahasha Dam Project
(B) Kala Bagh Dam Project
(C) Kurram Tangi Dam Project ✓
(D) Mirani Dam Project

45. Name the first Governor of NWFP from August 1947 to April 1948.
(A) Sir George Cunningham ✓
(B) Sir Francis Moody
(C) Allan Perry Keane
(D) Sir Francis Messervy

46. Name the special task force, which is established in December 2016 by Pakistan Navy to safeguard ‘ and protect the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as well as Gawadar port?
(A) Task Force 21
(B) Task Force 44
(C) Task Force 88 ✓
(D) Task Force 2

47. Who was the first President of the Palestinian Authority?
(A) Mahmood Abbas
(B) Yasir Arafat ✓
(C) Sheikh Ahmed Yasin
(D) Abdul Aziz Al-Rantisi

48. Where the headquarters of APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) is located?
(A) Singapore ✓
(B) South Korea
(C) Japan
(D) Taiwan

49. The Arab League was formed in:
(a) Rabat
(B) Damascus
(C) Baghdad
(D) Cairo ✓

50. “Kilik Pass” is situated in which range?
(A) Hindukush
(B) Sulaiman
(C) Karakoram  ✓
(D) Himalaya

51. Which is the first pillar of Islam?
(A) Kalimah  ✓
(B) Hajj
(C) Zakat
(D) Saum52. What is the total number of words included in the first Kalimah?
(A) Five
(B) Six
(C) Seven  ✓
(D) Eight53. Which of the following Surahs throws light on the character conduct and the high position of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)?
(A) Surah Kausar
(B) Surah Akhlas
(C) Surah Falaq
(D) Surah Al-Ahzab  ✓54. Which of the following Surahs throws light on the Day of Judgement?
(A) Surah Al-Kahaf  ✓
(B) Surah Yousaf
(C) Surah Younas
(D) Surah Hood

55. Give the name of the Sahabi who is among the Ashra Mubashara and served as the third Pious Caliph of Islam.
(A) Hazrat Umar (RA)
(B) Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)
(C) Hazrat Usman (RA)  ✓
(D) Hazrat Ali (RA)

56. Pick out the greatest miracle of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).
(A) The state of Madinah
(B) Conquest of Makkah
(C) The Holy Quran  ✓
(D) Conquest of Khyber

57. Give the name of the Prophet whose name has been mentioned most in the Holy Quran.
(A) Hazrat Musa (AS) ✓
(B) Hazrat Adam (AS)
(C) Hazrat Isa (AS)
(D) Hazrat Younas (AS)

58. Which Prophet has been called by the title of “Sahib-al-Hoot” in the Holy Quran?
(A) Hazrat Yahya (AS)
(B) Hazrat Daood (AS)
(C) Hazrat Younas (AS) ✓
(D) Hazrat Isa (AS)

59. What is the meaning of “Taufiqee Tarteeb”?
(A) The order in respect of revelation
(B) The order of the Holy Quran in respect of the Makki and Madni Surahs
(C) The order of the Holy Quran given by the Holy Prophet (PBUH)  ✓
(D) The order of the Holy Quran according to the reception by Zaid Bin Haritn (RA)

60. There are many names of the Holy Quran. What is the meaning of “Al-Zikr”?
(A) The book which remands
(B) Source of a lesson
(C) The best book  ✓
(D) The book which explains instruction

61. The characteristic polynomial of the matrix ⎡⎣⎢000010121⎤⎦⎥[001012001] is:
(A) t(t1)2t(t−1)2 ✓
(B) t2(t1)t2(t−1)
(C) 2t2t2t2−t
(D) None of these

62. For 0 < t <  ππ , the matrix (costsintsintcost)(cost−sin⁡tsintcost) has distinct complex eigenvalues λ1λ1 andλ2λ2. For what value of t, 0 < t < ππ, is λ1+λ2=1?λ1+λ2=1?
(A) π6π6
(B) π4π4
(C) π3π3 ✓
(D) π2π2

63. If the ratios of the angles of a triangle are 2:3:7 then the triangle is:
(A) right
(B) acute
(C) obtuse ✓
(D) equilateral

64. Every subset of a finite set is:
(A) Infinite
(B) Finite ✓ 
(C) Real
(D) None of  these

65. Every super-set of an infinite set is:
(A) super-set
(B) infinite set ✓
(C) finite set
(D) None of these

66. 0.2% is equal to:
(A) 0.002 ✓
(B) 0.02
(C) 0.0002
(D) 0.0000x

67. One metre is equal to:
(A) 100 cm ✓
(B) 200 cm
(C) 500 cm
(D) 1000 cm

68. A shop appreciates in value from Rs.414000 to Rs. 438000 over three years. What was the average percentage increase per year in that time?
(A) 2% ✓
(B) 4%
(C) 7%
(D) 21%

69. A man is 5 years older than his wife who is ten times as old as her daughter. If the daughter attains the age of 8 in three years what is age of man.
(A) 45 years
(B) 55 years ✓
(C) 60 years
(D) 65 years
(E) None of these

70. If 40% of women are voters and 52% of the population are women, what per cent of the population are women voters:
(A) 8.1%
(B) 20.8% ✓
(C) 26.8%
(D) 38.2%

69. A man is 5 years older than his wife who is ten times as old as her daughter. If the daughter attains the age of 8 in three years what is age of man.
(A) 45 years
(B) 55 years ✓
(C) 60 years
(D) 65 years

70. If 40% of women are voters and 52% of the population are women, what percent of the population are women voters:
(A) 8.1%
(B) 20.8% ✓
(C) 26.8%
(D) 38.2%

(a) Solvable
(B) Sticky
(C) Salty
(D) Hot and humid ✓

72. CLOG:
(a) To block ✓
(b) A cover
(c) A bump
(D) To push forward

73. VAPID:
(a) Virtuous
(B) Lustre
(C) Dull ✓ 
(D) Vital

(a) Explosion
(B) Progress
(C) Motion
(D) Report ✓

75. The travel agent will confirm my reservations for next week’s flight to London.
(a) Ratify
(B) Verify ✓
(c) Obtain
(D) Approve
phrases, pick the one most nearly opposite in meaning to the capitalized word.

(a) Proceed ✓
(b) Reject
(c) Follow
(D) Welcome
77. CLEAN:
(a) Pure
(B) Dirty ✓
(c) Lure
(D) None of these
(a) Schedule
(B) Defer
(C)  Accelerate ✓ 
(d) None of these
(a) Depend
(B) Come back ✓
(c) Unknown
(D) Leave
80. He directed a couple of mediocre films.
(a) Successful
(B) Famous
(c) Outstanding ✓
(A) Box: Zebra
(B) Paint: Crayon
(C) Roughness: Smoothness
(D) Pit: Dot ✓
(A) Language: Dictionary
(B) Comets: Shooting Stars
(C) Lux: Pears ✓
(D) Sand: Stone
(A) Smile: Laughter ✓
(B) Lake: Sea
(C) Sky: Blue
(D) Flower: Fragrance
(A) Iron: Water
(B) Emaciation: Debilitation
(C) Depression: Unemployment ✓
(D) Promulgation: Legislation
(A) Boor: Oafish
(B) Pressing: Crushing
(C) Poor: Poverty
(D) Indefatigable: Untiring ✓
86. What is/are true of Shrewsbury?
I. He was a cricket player.
II. His technical knowledge about cricket was poor.
III. There was no spirit in his play.
(A) I and II ✓

(B) I and UK
(C) Only I
(D) None of these

87. The author feels that:
(A) Technical perfection is not required in playing an enjoyable cricket
(B) He who pays cricket with adventure and enthusiasm makes it enjoyable ✓
(C) He who scores a century must be a good cricketer
(D) Cricket is a monotonous game

88. Jam Sahib:
(A) Was a splendid cricket player
(B) Lived in Nawanagar
(C) Neither (A) nor (B) is true
(D) Both (A) and (B) are true ✓

89. “In literature as in finance… much paper and much poverty may coexist.” What does it mean?
(A) Jam Sahib was rich man as he was the king of Nawanagar
(B) Shrewsbury was a poor man
(C) The cricketer who gets lot of runs may not play an enjoyable cricket ✓
(D) None of these

90. What gives cricket its character?
(A) The spirit of sacrifice
(B) The spirit of joyous adventure
(C) The gaiety daring attitude of the player
(D) All of these ✓

91. In a computer system, word “BOOT” is used for:
(A) To exit opened software
(B) To start up a software
(C) To shutdown system
(D) To start a computer ✓

92. A normal CD-ROM can usually store upto data.
(A) 680 GB
(B) 680 KB
(C) 680 Bytes
(D) 680 MB ✓

93. Who is the owner of the Microsoft computer company?
(A) Bill Clinton
(B) Dick Cheney
(C) Bill Gates ✓
(D) None of above

94. Isotims and isodapanes in human geography are related to:
(A)   ✓
(B) Retailing
(C) Barter Trade
(D) None of these

95. Lines of equal distribution of pressure are called:
(a) Isopleths
(b) Isotherms
(c) Isobars  ✓
(d) None of these

96.  علامہ اقبال کی مشہور نظم ’’شکرہ‘‘ ان کے کس مجموعہ کلام میں ہے۔
(a) ارمغان حجاز
(b) بال جبریل
(c) ضرب کلیم
(d) بانگ درا  ✓
97.  ڈوبتے کو تنکے کا سہارا قواعد کی رو سے کیا ہے ؟
(a) قول
(b) کہاوت
(c) ضرب المثل
(d) محاورہ  ✓
98. پطرس بخاری کی وجہ شہرت کیا ہے؟
(a) مزاح نگاری  ✓
(b) ناول نگاری
(c) افسانہ نگاری
(d) شاعری
99. مسابقت کا مطلب ہے؟
(a) برابری  ✓
(b) سختی
(c) کمی بیشی
(d) مقابلہ
100. مندرجہ ذیل سے ضرب المثل کون سی ہے؟
(a) بوڑھی گھوڑی لال لگام  ✓
(b) عید کا چاند ہونا
(c) پانی میں آگ لگانا
(d) اپنے منہ میاں مٹھو بننا

Tehsil/ Town Municipal Officer Syllabus


Tehsil/ Town Municipal Officer Syllabus, Functions, Paper Solution

What shall be the syllabus for the test of Tehsil/ Town Municipal Officer?
Can we expect the same syllabus as that of tehsildar?


Functions and Powers of the Tehsil/ Town Municipal Officer.-
In addition to the duties and functions assigned to Tehsil/ Town Municipal Officer under any other provisions of the Punjab Local Government Ordinance, 2001, (XIII of 2001) and these rules, the Tehsil/ Town Municipal Officer shall-
(a) be the Principal Accounting Officer of the Tehsil/ Town Municipal Administration and shall be the focal person in the Tehsil/ Town Municipal Administration;
(b) co-ordinate the activities of all Tehsil/ Town Offices and shall be responsible for execution of sanctioned policy relating to the Tehsil/ Town Municipal Administration;
(c) have the powers to call for any case or information from any Tehsil/ Town Office;
(d) where the Tehsil/Town Nazim’s orders appear to involve a departure from rules, regulations or Government policy, 2refer the case to the Government for decision; and
(e) in matters of policy and important decisions, the Tehsil/ Town Municipal Officer shall obtain approval of the Tehsil/Town Nazim before communicating such matters and decisions to the Government.

What is the job description of Tehsil/ Town Municipal Officer..?
What are the job duties..?
What powers they have…?
What perk and privileges they have…?
What are future prospects in this job..?

Post of TMO was created under PLGO 2001. His functions have been defined in section 58 of the Act. TMO is Principal Accounting Officer of a TMA (Tehsil Municipal Administration). This post carries reasonable perks such as vehicle and house.
However under PLGA2013, post of TMO has been replaced with “Chief Officer”.


Functions and Powers of the Tehsil/ Town Municipal Officer.- In addition to the duties and functions assigned to him under any other provisions of the Punjab Local Government Ordinance, 2001, (XIII of 2001) and these rules, the Tehsil/Town Municipal Officer shall-
(a) be the Principal Accounting Officer of the Tehsil/ Town Municipal Administration and shall be the focal person in the Tehsil/ Town Municipal Administration;
(b) co-ordinate the activities of all Tehsil/ Town Offices and shall be responsible for the execution of sanctioned policy relating to the Tehsil/ Town Municipal Administration;
(c) have the powers to call for any case or information from any Tehsil/Town Office;
(d) where the Tehsil/Town Nazim’s orders appear to involve a departure from rules, regulations or Government policy, 2refer the case to the Government for decision; and
(e) in matters of policy and important decisions, the Tehsil/Town Municipal Officer shall obtain approval of the Tehsil/Town Nazim before communicating such matters and decisions to the Government.

Tehsil/ Town Municipal Officer (TMO) is BS-17 Govt. servant then how it is possible that he even didn’t receive his salary…??

Because the salary budget of Tehsil/ Town Municipal Officers is not affiliated with Accounts General Of Province. EVER HEARD OF AG PUNJAB ? that means no online salary system. TMA generates its own budget and prepares salaries autonomously as per the wish of the MPA or MNA of the area. No one cares about the proper and equal pay to all the employees of TMA.
Secondly in local govt. the deadliest of all issues is the salary issue. funds are plundered politically and the office runs short of balance for paying emoluments regularly, every month. Last but not the least, if you are posted anywhere in field offices you’ll be paid a salary. if you are reported to the secretary (that means your services are held in headquarters) you are paid nothing.. you just wait for your posting. this period of waiting is so so so so so long that sometimes ten years pass by but employees can not be posted because they do not have a political recommendation or they can not pay demanded sums as a bribe to the staff of Secretary Local Govt Board.

In this case, awaiting officers of grade 16 or 17 do private jobs and earn their living. Their status is just like unemployed fellows.

Secondly why they are insulted by PAS officers…??

Because Assistant Commissioners are recently given the charge of administrators in TMAs and DMCs by the secretary local government.
so TMOs and CMOs have to serve their authorities.
Assistant Commissioners who are CSS officers are more privileged and competent so they enjoy their sway.

Proper Study Material for TMO

For proper preparation, consult ‘Caravan Publishers Encyclopedia of General Knowledge’ by Ch. Najib and, PPSC Past Papers published by Advanced Publishers by Imtiaz Shahid. These two books are sufficient. For online preparation, I don’t think the method can award success as one has to study properly and extensively from the books as it is MCQs based general knowledge paper.

For the Urdu portion, one should get the know-how of the important books or authors of Urdu Literature. But, the above-mentioned books also comprise the Urdu section and that is almost enough.

In Sindh, this post is a personal revenue-generating tool for the concerned members of the provincial assembly or the feudal lords, the influential few in the region. Taluka Municipal Administration is a very preliminary institute where the feudal lords are trained with typical politics. The office serves as a launching pad for the new politicians to begin their ventures high up to professional corruption. Only those who can play well to the tunes of local politicians can be posted as Tehsil/ Town Municipal Officer in Sindh. Grades, scales, cadres have no meaning at all. Even we witness bps-17 officers serving under BPS-5 employees who are posted as TMO on the strong recommendation of the MPAs in their tehsils.

There’s is no accountability of the funds which are utilized beyond the budget book. Here TMOs are millionaires and their bosses, MPAs, are billionaires. Newly appointed officers in grade 17 are posted as under training officers as long as the learn the art of plying puppets and taking audit risk of embezzled funds wholly Solly on their tiny shoulders.
Here local Government Department works extra judicially and in blatant contempt to the court orders and no one gives a shit about it. Salary system is quite awkward since salary accounts are not manipulated by Accounts General Sindh. That means you are not like other government departments where employees have their salaries on line. If you are posted any where you are entitled to draw your salary and if you are reported to the Secretary, you’ll have to starve. Not a single penny will be paid to you. And let me tell you this period is called the awaiting period in which the majority of local govt employees suffer from famines only because they can not bribe the demanded sums to the team of the Secretary for their postings.

Here If you have efficient political patronage go for the Tehsil/ Town Municipal Officer (TMO) job but if you have neither political
l recommendation nor potential bank account, this job is just not for you.
TMO Job Advertisement Posting in Daily Jang News Paper

PPSC Planning Officer/ Deputy District Officer

PPSC Planning Officer/ Deputy District Officer, P&D Department Past Papers

A past paper is an examination paper from a previous year or previous years, usually used either for exam practice or for tests. Exam candidates find past papers valuable in test preparation. PPSC Past Paper for the recruitment of Planning Officer/ Deputy District Officer (BS-17) in P&D Department , Civil Secretariat, Govt of the Punjab by Punjab Public Service commission one paper mcqs exams past paper.

This test includes Synonyms & Antonyms, Direct Indirect, Pair of Words, Idioms, Active Passive Voice from English, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Pak Affairs, Mathematics, Computer Sciences mcqs.

PPSC Planning/ Deputy District Officer General Knowledge mcqs


1. The ‘Statute of Liberty’ was gifted lo United States by:
(A) Britain
(B) France ✓
(C) Germany
(D) Greece

2. Who said ‘Man is a Social Animal”?
(A) Plato
(B) Aristotle ✓
(C) Hobbes
(D) Kart Marx

3. Who is called the ‘Father of English Poetry’?
(A) Chaucer ✓
(B) John Milton
(C) Wordsworth
(D) Keats

4. The voter age in Pakistan is:
(A) 16 years
(B) 18 years
(C) 20 years
(D) 21 years ✓

5. The Indus Valley Civilization was discovered in:
(A) 1900
(B) 1911
(C) 1916
(D) 1922  ✓

6. Taxila was a famous site of.
(A) Gandara Art ✓
(B) Gupta Art
(C) Mayan Art
(D) None of the above

7. Which University first established after the creation of Pakistan?
(A) Karachi University ✓
(B) Sindh University
(C) Peshawar University
(D) Quaid-i-Azam University

8. The first Chief Justice of Pakistan was:
(A) Justice Ourab Patel
(B) Justice A.R. Kiayani
(C) Justice Abdur Rashid ✓
(D) Justice M. Afzai

9. The book Wealth of Nations’ waa written by;
(A) Adam Smith ✓
(B) Karl Marx
(C) Max Muller
(D) John Marshal

10. ‘Sales Tax’ is ultimately paid by:
(A) Shopkeepers
(B) Producers
(C) Customers ✓

11. Pakistan Environmental Protection Act was passed in:
(A) 1995
(B) 1997 ✓
(C) 1999
(D) 2000

12. The highest literacy rate in South Asia is in:
(A) Pakistan
(B) India
(C) Bangladesh
(D) Sri Lanka ✓

13. The minimum wage at workers in Punjab is:
(A) Rs. 8000
(B) Rs. 9000
(C) Rs. 10000 ✓
(D) Rs. 12000

14. Human Rights Organization ‘Amnesty International1 is based in:-
(A) London
(B) Paris ✓
(C) New York
(D) Rome

15. The world largest producer of Natural gas:
(A) Iran
(B) Russia ✓
(C) Canada
(D) Qatar

16. Who presented the Idea of a Wood bank?
(A) Charles Drew ✓ 
(B) Jonas Salk
(C) Edward James
(D) James Monroe

17. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity was the slogan during: –
(A) The French Revolution ✓
(B) The Russian Revolution
(C) The American War of Independence
(D) None of these

18. In the modem world, an Institution of Ombudsman was first established in 1809 in:
(A) England
(B) France
(C) Norway
(D) Sweden ✓

19. Sacha! Sarmast was Sufi Poet of:
(A) Punjab
(B) Sindh ✓
(C) Balochistan
(D) Azad Kashmir

20. The Upper house of the parliament in Pakistan ‘Senate1 consists of.
(A) 100 members
(B) 104 members ✓ 
(C) 110 members
(D) 112 members

21. Inflation is:
(A) a decreaser in the overall price level.
(B) an increase in the overall price level ✓
(C) an increase in Die’s overall level of economic activity.
(D) a decrease In the overall level of economic activity.

22. Hie free market involve:
(A) The free provision of products
(B) The subsidizing of products by the government
(C) Market forces of supply and demand ✓
(D) All trade via barter

23. A mixed economy:
(A) Has supply but not demand
(B) Has demand but not supply
(C) Has supply and demand
(D) Has market forces and government intervention ✓

24. Indicate below what is NOT a factor of production.
(A) Labour
(B) Capital
(C) A bank loan ✓
(D) Land

25. Two of the major factors contributing to growth are:
(A) resources and efficiency ✓
(B) money and efficiency
(C) money and luck
(D) resources and a good climate


PPSC Planning/ Deputy District Officer General Knowledge mcqs Page-2


26. Privatization is the transfer of:
(A) corporately owned businesses to individuals
(B) publicity held stock to private individuals
(C) government businesses to the private sector ✓
(D) privately owned businesses to the government sector.

27. What is called the reduction m the rale of a currency?
(A) Devolution
(B) Devaluation ✓
(C) Price Cap
(D) Cul-rale

28. What is “Dumping”?
(A) Sale of goods in large quantities with high quality
(B) Sale of goods in large quantities with low quality
(C) Sale of goods in targe quantities and at low price ✓
(D) Sale of goods in large quantities with the high price

29. Gross Domestic Product (GOP) is:
(A) Value of all economic activity within a nation’s border ✓
(B) Economic output of a country
(C) Economic activities of the federal government
(D) None of these

30. Vital is called a country’s total financial obligations to the rest of the world?
(A) Total debt
(B) Debt burden
(C) Nations liabilities
(D) External debt ✓

31. The average income of the people of a country during a year termed at:
(A) National Income
(B) Domestic Income
(C) Protection Income
(D) Per-capita Income ✓

32. What Is ‘Debt retirement’?
(A) To write-off debt
(B) To reschedule debt
(C) To repay debt in easy installments
(D) The compile repayment of debt ✓

33. Hassan Rouhani new elected president of
(A) Iran ✓
(B) Iraq
(C) Lebanon
(D) Egypt

34. Which country gels contract to operate Gwadar Port?
(A) China ✓
(B) Japan
(D) Germany

35. The country which has the largest army in the world.
(B) China ✓
(C) Russia
(D) India

36. The English poet who died in his young age
(A) Shelley
(B) John Marshal
(C) John Keats ✓
(D) William Back

37. Which disease is more common in males than females?
(A) Heart Disease
(B) Dementia
(C) Colour blindness ✓
(D) Herpes

38. Who discovered the Law of Gravitation?
(A) Sir Isaac Newton ✓
(B) Louis Pasture
(C) Galileo
(D) William Henry

39. Nightingale Florence was
(A) Nubia ✓
(B) Soldier
(C) Religious reformer
(D) None of these

40. The President of USA who was lulled during his office ?
(A) J.F. Kennedy
(B) Abraham Uncofr
(C) Both ✓
(D) None of these

41. According to new research which is the oldest disease
(A) Influenza ✓
(B) Malaria
(C) Plague
(D) Leprosy

42. In which continent there is no glacier?
(A) Africa ✓
(B) Austral
(C) Asia
(D) North Amenca

43. Which is the oldest organization of the world?
(A) UN
(B) African Unity
(C) League of Nations ✓
(D) Common Wealth

44. Who it carted “father of the computer”?
(A) Charles Babbage ✓
(B) Korurd Zac
(C) Merry John
(D) None of these

45 Where days and night are equal the year?
(A) Nairobi ✓
(B) New York
(C) London
(D) Oslo

46. Lion’s share of UN’s budget is being spent on
(A) Diseases
(B) Natural disasters
(C) Peace ✓
(D) Poverty

47. Which Muslim country has the lowest per capita income?
(A) Somalia ✓
(B) Kenya
(C) Uganda
(D) Afghanistan

48. First country who issued currency notes in the world
(A) Greece
(B) China ✓
(C) Italy
(D) Russia

49. Which country’s Constitution is not in a written form?
(B) Denmark
(C) New Zealand
(D) United Kingdom ✓

50. What Is Holocaust?
(A) Killing of Jews during World War I
(B) Killing of Jews during World War II ✓
(C) Killing of Germans
(D) Killing period of American during war


PPSC Planning/ Deputy District Officer mcqs page-3


51. “War and Peace’ Novel was written by:
(A) Leo Tolstoy ✓
(B) Tito
(C)  Shelly
(D) Shakespeare

52. Gandhara civilization was situated between the rivers
(A) Chenab and Jhelum
(B) Ravi and Chenab
(C) Jhelum and Kabul
(D) Indus and Jhelum ✓

53. the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea are connected by
(A) Basphorse strait
(B) Suez Canal ✓
(C) Malacca strait
(D) Palk strait

54. Silicon valley is famous for
(A) Computers ✓
(B) Film industry
(C) Cars
(D) Sugarcane

55. Which is the largest (biggest) search engine of the internet?
(B) Google ✓
(C) Yahoo
(D) None of them

56. Forakha Dam on river Gangn Is disputed between
(A) India and Pakistan
(B) India and Nepal
(C) India and China
(D) India and Bangladesh ✓

57. Which is the biggest bird in the world?
(A) Ostrich ✓
(B) Kiwi
(C) Eagle
(D) None of them

58. The writer of book ’Khald Shadows”?
(A) S.M. Bruke
(B) K.M. Arif ✓
(C) As’lamBaig
(D)-Hassan Askorl

59. What Is meant by causeway?
(A) A raised paths ✓
(B) Marsh soil
(C) Salty ocean
(D) Road on Hill

60. Night Watch” Paintings belongs to:
(A) Michelangelo ✓
(B) Picasso
(C) Leonardo
(D) Nawaz Rawn

61. First Muslim who won the Nobel Prize1
(A) Anwar Saddal ✓
(B) YasirArfat’
(C) ShereinEbadi
(D) Yousaf

62. Which day is observed on 15th May every year?
(A) Water day
(B) Environment day
(C) Postal day
(D) Families day ✓

63. Which is the largest contributor of UNO’s budget?
(A) USA ✓
(B) Japan
(C) Russian
(D) China

64. Who was the founder of Algebra?
(A) Al-Khwarizmi ✓
(B) Umar-Khayyam
(C) Lao-Tze
(D) Abu Yousaf

65. Where is Golden Gale situated?
(A) San Francisco (USA) ✓
(C) Toronto (Canada)
(B) London (Britain)
(D) Paris (France)

66. When the stock market is down falling it is called:
(A) Bullish
(B) Bearish ✓
(C) Falling
(D) Crashing

67. Which of the following rivers crosses the Equator twice?
(A) Amazon
(B) Congo ✓
(C) Nile
(D) Gangs

68. The Headquarters of Asian Development Bank (ADB) Is located al:
(A) Paris
(B) New York
(C) Manila ✓
(D) Tokyo

69. Night blindness is caused by a lack of which vitamin?
(A) Vitamin A ✓
(B) Vitamin B
(C) Vitamin C
(D) Vitamin D

70. Taklamakan desert is located im
(A) Mongolia
(B) Russia
(C) Kazakhstan
(D) China ✓

71. What is the main cause of earthquakes?
(A) Volcanic activities
(B) Tectonic plates’ movement
(C) Tectonic dislocation
(D) All of the above ✓

72 Which of the following inventions is the oldest?
(A) Clocks ✓
(B) Microscope
(C) Barometer
(D) Cycle

73. Who is called the Father of Modem Psychology?
(A) Sigmund Freud ✓
(B) Ibn-e-Khaldoon
(C) Adams Smith
(D) Charles Darwin

74. A number is increased by 10% and then decreased by 10%. The net change in the number is
(A) No Increase or decrease
(B) 2% decrease
(C) 1 % Increase
(D) 1 % decrease ✓

75. 5 out of 2250 parts of the earth is sulfur what is the percentage of sulfur in the earth?
(A) 11/50
(B) 2/9 ✓
(C) 1/45
(D) 2/45
[Required percentage = 5/2250 x 100 ) (52250×100) % =2/9  ]


PPSC Planning/ Deputy District Officer mcqs page-4


76. 20 men can construct a building In 40 days.
How long will it take 10 men to do this work?
(A) 50 days
(B) 60 days
(C) 70 days
(D) 😯 days ✓

77. A man takas 50 minutes to cover a certain distance at a speed of 6km / hr. If he walks with a speed of 10km / hr. he covers the same distance In
(A) 60 minutes
(B) 30 minutes ✓
(C) 20 minutes
(D) 10 minutes

78. Aslam bought a Bhlrl 5f Rs. 500/- and sold It in Rs 525/- What profit did Aslam get?
(A) Rs 35
(B) Rs 30
(C) Rs 25 ✓
(D) Rs 20

79. Find the average of 40,51,20
(A) 90
(B) 60
(C) 41
(D) 43 ✓

80. If Iho cost of 1 dozen mangoes Is Rs 20 what Is the cost of 3 1/2 dozen mangos?
(A) Rs 85
(B) Rs 49
(C) Rs 08
(D) Rs 70 ✓

81. A carton contains 10 boxos each box containing one dozon cubes. How many cartons are needed to fill 060 cubes.
(A) 7
(B) 8 ✓
(C) 9
(D) 12

Fill in the blanks

82. Thera Is a limit____everything in life.
(A) to ✓
(B) on
(C) in
(D) with

83. Let us make_______differences.
(A) on
(B) In
(C) after
(D) up ✓

84. He Is always boasting his wealth.
(A) with
(B) for
(C) upon
(D) of ✓

85. Our neighbor died ____ over work.
(A) of ✓
(B) In
(C) for
(D) with

86. I was amazed ____ his misbehaviour.
(A) with
(B) in
(C) for
(D) an ✓

Identify the closest moaning of the following words from Q No. 87 to 91

87. Obnoxious
(A) offensive ✓
(B) gratifying
(C) dear
(D) lucid

88. Dormant
(A) active
(Q) vigilant
(C) slow
(D) Inactive ✓

89. Foible
(A) virtue
(B) sports
(C) trivial
(D) weakness ✓

90. Reconcile
(A) popular
(B) adjust ✓
(C) praise
(D) false

91. Infringe
(A) conserve
(B) violate ✓
(C) Instil!
(D) divert

92. Which country Is the Inmost trading partner of Pakistan?
(A) UK
(B) USA ✓
(C) Canada

93. ‘Fleet Street’ London 13 famous for
(A) Banking and financial offices
(B) Offices of the cargo companies
(C) Offices of the newspapers and press agencies ✓
(D) Offices of the Royal Navy establishment

94. India granted Pakistan Most Favored Nation Status (MFN) In Mutual trado In:-
(A) 1992
(B) 1994
(C) 1996 ✓
(D) 2006

95. What do you understand by the disease ‘Insomnia’?
(A) Inability to steep ✓
(B) Colour blindness
(C) Depression
(D) Hone of these

96. The World’s famous Madame Tussaud’s museum is situated in:
(A) Paris
(B) London ✓
(C) Romo
(D) New York

97. ’Dassu Dam’ Is being constructed in:-
(A) Punjab
(B) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ✓
(C) Northern Areas
(D) Balochistan

98. Omithology is (ha study of:
(A) Birds ✓
(B) Insects

(C) Sea Animals
(D) Sea Plants

99. 1 metric ton is equal to;
(A) 100 kg
(B) 500 kg
(C) 1000 kg ✓
(D) 1500 kg

100. Which part of the human body is most affected by the Hepatitis virus?
(A) Liver ✓
(B) Lungs
(C) Spleen
(D) Pancreas




PPSC Municipal Officer Jobs


PPSC Municipal Officer Jobs | Syllabus, Past Papers & Test Pattern

Local Government & Community Development (LG&CD) Department Punjab announced Municipal Officer / Cheif Officer 126 Vacancies through Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC Ad 34/2020. These jobs are under the Govt of Punjab. Males & Females of Punjab can apply for these jobs. Challan Form, Syllabus, Test Pattern & Past papers are given for PPSC Municipal Officer Latest Jobs 2020. For complete details & the Application process read the full page of Parco Pakistan.

Announcement Date 18 November 2020
Last Date To Apply 03 December 2020

Details of PPSC Municipal Officer Jobs November 2020

Pay Scale BPS-16
No. of Vacancies 126
Education Required MBA, MPA or Master’s degree in Public
Policy (first division) or MA, MSc or
BS ( 4 years )BS includes all degrees like Engineering, BBA, or any other.
Place of Posting Anywhere in Punjab
PPSC Case No. 112-RG/2020
Age Limit Male:
30 + 05= 35 years
20 to 30 + 08= 38 years

Test Pattern & Syllabus

One Paper MCQs Type Written Test of 100 marks (90 minutes duration) comprising the following subjects;

a) General Knowledge: (50%)

General Knowledge will comprise Pakistan Affairs, Current Affairs, Everyday Science, Islamic Studies (Ethics for Non-Muslim Candidates), Basic, Mathematics, Urdu, and Computer Studies.

b) English: (20%)

Synonyms, Antonyms, Sentence Correction / Completion, One-word substation, and Idioms.

c) Questions from MBA, MPA, or Master in Public Policy (30%)

How To Apply For PPSC Municipal Officer Jobs 2020

Follow these steps to apply for PPSC Jobs 2020.

Step 01 Download PPSC Challan Form
Step 02 600/-PKR Challan fee
Step 03 Deposit Challan fee in any NBP branch
Step 04 Apply online through www.ppsc.gov.pk

Official Advertisement

Brief Information

Title PPSC Municipal Officer Jobs November 2020
Posted on 2020-11-18
Valid Through 2020-12-03
Organization PPSC
Location Lahore
Minimum Salary 55000
Maximum Salary 65000




PPSC Assistant Punjab Police Department Solved Past Papers 2017


PPSC Assistant In Punjab Police Department Solved Past Papers 2017

1. The “Nisab” of Zakat is:
(A) 52 1/2 tolas silver or 7 1/2 tolas tola ✓
(B) 53 1/2 tolas silver or 10 tolas told
(C) 52 1/2 tolas silver or 7 tolas told
(D) None of these

2. Last Annual Summit of Shanghai Cooperation Organization was held during June 2017, at the location of
(A) Tashkent, Uzbekistan
(B) Dushanbe, Tajikistan
(C) Astana, Kazakhstan ✓
(D) Beijing, China

3. The car front is slowing down.
(A) in ✓
(B) on
(C) about
(D) of

4. ‘Nippon’ is the stock exchange market of:
(A) Tokyo ✓
(B) London
(C) New York
(D) None of these

5. Name the princely State other than Kashmir which caused a dispute between India & Pakistan:
(A) Bahawalpur
(B) Junagadh ✓
(C) Chitral
(D) Gurdaspur

6. Which type of milk is generally lowest in fat?
(A) Full cream
(B) Powered
(C) Dried
(D) Skimmed ✓

7. In which Heaven “Bait-ul-Ma’mur” is situated?
(A) 4th
(B) 5th
(C) 6th
(D) 7th ✓

8. Who among the following was not Head of the State during World War Second?
(A) Winston Churchill
(B) Theodore Roosevelt ✓
(C) Mussolini
(D) Stalin

9. What fraction of a cake remains when its 2/8 part has been eaten?
(A) 3/4 ✓
(B) 3/8
(C) 6/9
(D) 8/3

10. Basic Democracies System was for the first time implemented in Pakistan in the year.
(A) 1948
(B) 1949
(C) 1960 ✓
(D) 1979

11. From the following, find the correct punctuated sentence
(A) Shakespeares Hamlet is a play for all ages
(B) Shakespeare Hamlet is a play for all ages
(C) Shakespeares’ Hamlet is a play for all ages
(D) Shakespeare’s Hamlet is a play for all ages ✓

12. The zoo had some lions and some parrots. The supervisor counted 15 heads and 50 legs. How many lions were there?
(A) 9
(B) 10 ✓
(C) 12
(D) 13

13. Choose the correct option: The students who had the flu had a(n) reason for missing school. They normally have perfect attendance, and their absence that day was a(n)
(A) Unwarranted anomaly
(B) Legitimate aberration ✓
(C) Unjustifiable travesty

14. The first session of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan was held on
(A) 11 Aug 1947 ✓
(B) 14 Aug 1947
(C) 30 Aug 1947
(D) 6 Sep 1947

15. Gomal University is in:
(A) Quetta
(B) D.G. Khan
(C) Peshawar
(D) Dera Ismail Khan ✓

16. The Tool used for finding a similar word in a Document is called:
(A) Finder
(B) Thesaurus ✓
(C) Dictionary
(D) Find/Replace

17. Diamer Bhasha bam is being constructed in:
(A) Balochistan
(B) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
(C) Gilgit-Baltistan ✓
(D) Sindh

18. Earth’s axis at present is titled by:
(A) 23.5 degree ✓
(B) 25 degree
(C) 21 degree
(D) 21.5 degree

19. Appreciation is to Reward as Crime is to
(A) Guilt
(B) Punishment ✓
(C) Allegation
(D) Need

20. The 8th BRICS Summit meeting was held in India on 15-16 October 2016, which countries comprise the BRICS group?
(A) Belgium, Russia, India, Canada, Spain
(B) Bangladesh, Russia, India, China, Sri Lanka
(C) Brazil, Russia, India, China, Scandinavia
(D) Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa ✓

21. What it the moaning of the Idiom/proverb “To be at loggerheads”
(A) To cooperate with enemies
(B) To be in strong disagreement or dispute ✓

(C) To face stiff opposition
(D) To tax one’s mind and body

22. Which PowerPoint feature allows the user to create a simple presentation quickly?
(A) Auto Content Wizard ✓
(B) Transition Wizard
(C) Chard Wizard
(D) Animations

23. Who Is called the ‘Father of Computers’?
(A) Charles Babbage ✓
(B) Thomas Kurtz
(C) Konrad Zuse
(D) Bill Gates

24. Which body of people is sometimes referred to as “The Fourth Estate”?
(A) Judiciary
(B) Executive
(C) The Press ✓
(D) Senate

25. Name of the prophet who is known by the title of Israel?
(A) Hazrat Yaqoob (AS) ✓
(B) Hazrat Yousuf (AS)
(C) Hazrat Ishaaq (AS)
(D) Hazrat Moosa (AS)

26. The headquarters of the European Union is at:
(A) Vienna
(B) Brussels ✓
(C) Pahs
(D) Amsterdam

27. Headquarter of Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific is located in:
(A) Manila
(B) Singapore
(C) Bangkok ✓
(D) Yangon

28. Which UN agency deals with matters relating to children?

29. The element which is most abundant in the Earth’s crust is:
(A) Silicon
(B) Iron

(C) Aluminium
(D) Oxygen ✓

30. Rann of Kutch is situated:
(A) North of Gilgit
(B) South of Tharparkar ✓
(C) EastofTurbat
(D) South of Wana

31. 3.29 x 1000 equals to:
(A) 0.329
(B) 32.9
(C) 329
(D) 3290 ✓

32. The Synonym of “Conjecture” is:
(A) Serious
(B) Outward
(C) To guess ✓
(D) To claim

33. The caste system In the subcontinent, was first established by the:
(A) Aryans ✓
(B) Dravidians
(C) Iranians
(D) Moghuls

34. Ayat ul Kursi is part of which Surah?
(A) Al-e-imran
(B) Al-Baqarah ✓
(C) Al-Anfal
(D) Al-Nissa

35. Fill in the blanks: Salma was ill, fever.
(A) of
(B) to
(C) with ✓
(D) on

36. (2 2)3=?
(A) 64 ✓
(B) 32
(C) 10
(D) 12

37. Which one of the following countries is not a member of OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)?
(A) Algeria

(B) Nigeria
(C) Venezuela
(D) UK ✓

38. Find the odd one out 13, 41, 43, 47, 53, 61, 71,73,81
(A) 61
(B) 71
(C) 73
(D) 81 ✓

39. Who had coined the phrase “Survival of the fittest”.
(A) Charles Darwin ✓
(B) Herbert Spencer
(C) Alfred Wallace
(D) Erasmus Darwin

40. What is the meaning of Al Hadi mentioned in the Holy Quran?
(A) The Light
(B) The Eternal
(C) The Rich
(D) The Guide ✓

41. I was angry at the way they reacted.
(A) about ✓
(B) of
(C) in
(D) on

42. One metric ton contains kilograms.
(A) 10,000
(B) 100
(C) 10
(D) 1000 ✓

43. Where do the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean meet?
(A) Cape of Good Hope ✓
(B) Aden
(C) Singapore
(D) Nowhere

44. There has been a complete break of law and order in the country.
(A) Up
(B) Off
(C) Down ✓
(D) Of

45. A Senator is elected in Pakistan for:
(A) 4 years

(B) 5 years
(C) 6 years ✓
(D) 7 years

46. The British Government announced the annulment of Partition of Bengal in
(A) 1910
(B) 1911 ✓
(C) 1912
(D) 1926

47. Pick out the name of the prayer which is preceded by Azaan?
(A) Namaz iJanaza
(B) EidulFitr
(C) EidulAzha
(D) Zuhar Prayer ✓

48. Choose the synonym of “Nonchalant”:
(A) Excited
(B) Natural
(C) Dispassionate ✓
(D) Nervous

46. “A* sold a pen for Rs. 180. This was Rs. 60 less than what “A” paid for It. What was A’s loss as a percentage of his cost price?
(A) 25% ✓
(B) 331/3%
(C) 50%
(D) 75%

50. Which is the largest gulf in the world?
(A) Gulf of Mexico ✓
(B) the Gulf of Aden
(C) the Gulf of Riga
(D) Gulf of Thailand

51. What is the significance of 17 August 1988 in Pakistan’s history?
(A) Prime Minister Junejo’s Government was dismissed
(B) Gen. Zia ul Haq died in a plane crash ✓
(C) No-confidence motion against Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was moved
(D) Parliament was dissolved by General Zia ul Haq

52. Which of the following is not a main organ of the United Nations?
(A) ILO ✓
(B) Security Council
(C) General Assembly
(D) International Court of Justice

53. The world’s biggest bird is:

(A) Eagle
(B) Owl
(C) Kiwi
(D) Ostrich ✓

54. Who among the following died a natural death?
(A) Mahatma Gandhi
(B) Indira Gandhi
(C) Sanjay Gandhi
(D) None of these ✓

55. Liaqat Ali Khan was assassinated in:
(A) 1949
(B) 1950
(C) 1951 ✓
(D) 1952

56. Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) named as “Ahmed”, in which Surah of Holy Quran?
(A) Surah Al-Saff ✓
(B) Surah Al-Mohammad
(C) Surah Al-Anbia
(D) Surah Al-Baqarah

57. Which of the following was constructed by Emperor Shah Jahan?
(A) Shalimar Garden ✓
(B) Badshahi Mosque
(C) Both A and B
(D) None of these

58. Complete the saying “Truth is stranger than
(A) The news
(B) Falsehood
(C) Lies
(D) Fiction ✓

59. Which of the following helps to reduce spelling errors In a document being typed?
(A) AutoFormat
(B) Auto Correct ✓
(C) Smart Tags
(D) Auto Text

60. A man bought 27 apples, 2/6 of them are bad. How many are good?
(A) 8
(B) 21 ✓
(C) 27
(D) 18

61. Presidency of the UN Security Council rotates among the Member States of the Council:
(A) Every 6 months

(B) Every 3 months
(C) Every year
(D) Every month ✓

62. Who resigned from the Imperial Legislative Council in protest against the Rowlett Act?
(A) Gandhi
(B) Nehru
(C) Quaid-i-Azam ✓
(D) Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

63. Short-sightedness can be corrected by:
(A) Convex lens
(B) Concave lens ✓
(C) Convex-concave lens
(D) Concave-convex lens

64. Who is the current President of France?
(A) Nicolas Sarkozy
(B) Emmanuel Macron ✓
(C) Jacques Chirac
(D) Georeges Pompidou

65. The cultural centre of Ganjlhara Civilization is:
(A) Harrapa
(B) Taxila ✓
(C) Thatta
(D) Mohenjo Daro

66. Which of the following is not related to disarmament?
(D) NATO ✓

67. Name the first Pakistani female Cricketer to take 100 ODI wickets:
(A) Sana Mir ✓
(B) Javeria Khan
(C) Marina Iqbal
(D) Sadia Yousaf

68. After the creation of Pakistan, the first Radio Station was established at:
(A) Lahore
(B) Karachi ✓
(C) Peshawar
(D) Islamabad

69. Antonym of “Economy” is:
(A) Gratitude

(B) Thrift
(C) Miserliness
(D) Extravagance ✓

70. The Muslims of Mindanao islands are struggling for their political rights in:
(A) Japan
(B) South Africa
(C) the Philippines ✓
(D) Myanmar

71. Choose the synonyms of “Cataclysm”?
(A) Reverse
(B) Catastrophe ✓
(C) Pungent
(D) Trash

72. What is Pakistan’s biggest export commodity?
(A) Textiles ✓
(B) Handmade Carpets
(C) Leather and Leather Products
(D) Sports Goods

73. Which country was the first to formally recognize Pakistan after Its creation?
(A) Saudi Arabia
(B) Turkey
(C) Iran ✓
(D) Egypt

74. Who wrote the book The Myth of Independence1?
(A) General Ayub Khan
(B) Mahbub-ul-Haque
(C) Zulfikar All Bhutto ✓
(D) Lt. Gen(r) Kamal Matinuddin

75. Which country mediated between Pakistan and India resulting in the Tashkent Declaration?
(A) USSR ✓
(B) Uzbekistan
(C) the USA
(D) Iran

76. Who was entrusted with the job of dividing the Army in 1947?
(A) Field Marshal Auchinleck ✓
(B) Field Marshal Montgomery
(C) Field Marshal Alan Brooke
(D) Field Marshal John Dill

77. On what date did the major earthquake hit the Northern Areas and Azad Kashmir in 2005?
(A) 8th, October ✓

(B) 8th, September
(C) 8th, August
(D) 18th, October

78. Which one of the following countries left the ‘Baghdad Pact’ in 1959?
(A) Iran
(B) Iraq ✓
(C) Pakistan
(D) Turkey

79. What is the meaning of the idiom/proverb: “To talk through one’s hat’.
(A) To speak fluently
(B) To talk nonsense ✓
(C) To talk wisdom
(D) To speak at random

80. Mount Kilimanjaro is located in:
(A) Europe
(B) Asia
(C) South America
(D) Africa ✓

81. When was Sui Gas first discovered in Pakistan?
(A) 1959
(B) 1952 ✓
(C) 1981
(D) 1990

82. The 2016 ICC T-20 Cricket World Championship was won by:
(A) India
(B) West Indies ✓
(C) Australia
(D) New Zealand

83. In the field of IT, FTP stands for
(A) File Transfer Position
(B) File Transfer Protection
(C) File Transfer Protocol ✓
(D) File Transfer Platform

84. Penicillin was discovered by:
(A) Alfred Nobel
(B) Alexander Fleming ✓
(C) Louis Pasteur
(D) S.A. Waksman

85. The Headquarters of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is located in:
(A) Paris

(B) Washington
(C) Brussels
(D) Geneva ✓

86. What is the meaning of the idiom/proverb: To take with a grain of salt*.
(A) To take with some reservation ✓
(B) To Reject
(C) To take the whole heartedly
(D) To take seriously

87. Rafael Nadal is a famous player of:
(A) Football
(B) Tennis ✓
(C) Table Tennis
(D) Hockey

88. Find the odd one out: 10, 25, 45, 54, 60, 75, 80
(A) 10
(B) 45
(C) 54 ✓
(D) 75

89. Who held the portfolio of Finance in the first cabinet of Pakistan?
(A) I.I. Chundrigarh
(B) Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar
(C) Malik Ghulam Muhammad
(D) Zafarullah Khan ✓

90. Which year is called the year of sorrow (Anam-ul-Huzn)?
(A) 7th Nabvi
(B) 8th Nabvi
(C) 9th Nabvi
(D) 10th Nabvi ✓


PPSC -ASSISTANT Punjab Police Department Solved paper 2020


Punjab Police Department)
Solved Paper held on 18-10-2020

1. Red Lake is situated in: ✓USA

2. Diamer-Bhasha dam will be constructed on which river: ✓Indus river

3. In a fruit basket, the ratio of oranges to peaches to strawberries is 2:3:4. If
there are 8 oranges in the basket then how many fruits are there in total?

4. Who is the current Chief Executive of Afghanistan? ✓Abdullah

5. Ching Ping dam is in which country? ✓China

6. Pyramid of Giza located in which country? ✓Egypt

7. Jacob Zuma is president of which country? ✓South Africa

8. Which is the capital of Fiji? ✓Suva

9. First Pakistani doctor who died of Covid-19 and was awarded the
Nishan-e-Kashmir on 27 March 2020? ✓Usama Riaz

10. Which country is called “Great Britain of Pacific”? ✓Japan

11. Capital of Panama: ✓Panama City

12. Capital of Bahrain: ✓Manama

13. Which is the second largest province of Pakistan by population? Sindh

14. Which country is the supporter of peace in Afghanistan as it shares its
borders? ✓Pakistan

15. Dividing 350 into two equal parts, one exceeds the other by 4. ✓173, 177

16. Weight of an average of 8 persons is increased by 2.5 kg. What if one of
them having a weight of 56 kg is replaced by a new man? ✓76 years

17. Complete the series: 3,4,7,8,11,12,? ✓15

18. Total money Rs. 1000. The ratio of money spent by Rabail and Aamna is
2:3. How much money is spent by Rabail? ✓400

19. Which of the following river flows in Canada?

Mackenzie river

Yukon river

Nelson river

✓All of these

20. Which is the largest glacier in the world found in the Antarctica region?

✓Lambert-Fisher glacier

21. Who is the head of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission?

    Muhammad Naeem

22. Mr. Javaid Iqbal is chairman of:  ✓National Accountability Bureau

23. Which is the oldest revealed book? ✓Toraat

24. Who was the first Muazzin of Islam?  ✓Hazrat Bilal R.A

25. Which was the religion of the majority of the Arabs before Islam?


26. Al Aitqan Fi Al Uloom ul Qur’an is composed by:

  ✓Jalal-al-din Al-Syuti

27. Of the following Ghazwa is mentioned in Holy Qur’an?




None of these

28. Which battle gave birth to Kharijites?

✓Battle of Suffin

29. River Nile flows through which city? ✓Cairo

30. Which part of the computer is termed as the heart of the Computer?





31. Which is not a PowerPoint view?

✓Orientation view

32. Which is not a zoom size in Excel?





33. Which is the function to count the number of rows and columns in MS




34. Software to draw rows and columns and perform calculations on them
is:  ✓Excel CoralDraw

35. Function of logic unit: ✓Perform arithmetic and logic operations

36. How to split the window in MS Excel?

✓View->Window->Split View->split

37. Which Window does not have a Start button? Windows Vista Windows 7
Windows 8

✓None of these

اردو نظم کا شاعر کس کو کہتے ہیں؟ نظیر اکبر آبادی✓ .38

39. “Charity begins at home” in Urdu

اول خویش بعد درویش✓

اردو میں مرکبات،عبارات اور جملے کیا ہیں؟نحو✓ .40

41. For how many times the name of Holy Prophet PBUH mentioned in Holy
Qur’an? one time two times

✓Four times six times

42. Prophet who had small age? ✓Hazrat Essa AS

43. Phrase “To put the cart before the horse” means:

✓Do something contrary to the conventional order

44. 18th summit of Non-aligned movement held in 2019 in: Brazil


45. What is the acronym of PCO in Pakistan’s judiciary and constitution?

✓Provincial Constitutional Order

46. WIPO stands for: ✓World Intellectual Property Organization

47. When Quaid-e-Azam resigned from Congress? ✓1920

48. When Quaid-e-Azam was elected as the president in first
Constituent assembly?

✓11 August 1947

14 August 1947

15 August 1947

16 August 1947

کتاب کا نام مکمل کریں۔ اردو شعراء کے تذکرے اور؟ .49

✓ تنقید نگاری تذکرہ نگاری

شاید کس شاعر کا شعری مجموعہ ہے؟ ✓جون ایلیاء وصی شاہ .50

51. The word Pakistan was at first mentioned in 1933 in:

Jang Newspaper
Nawai Waqt

✓Now or Never

52. Which article in the 1973 constitution is related to official language?

✓Article 251

53. USA left UNHCR in 2018 because of:

✓Bias against Israel

54. Phrase “To fish in troubled waters” means:

✓To get benefit from other problems

To be in a difficult situation

55. Find similar relationship as

Encourage: restrict

Gain : success

receiving: relieving

✓dearth: surplus

56. How many square meters are there in one square kilometer?

✓1000000 meters

1000 meters

57. There is a square room. How many total square tiles are required to
place around the room if 21 tiles on one side?



58. Time required by Earth to complete one rotation around its own axis:

✓24 hours

59. Namaz Khusoof is offered at the time of:


✓Lunar eclipse


60. Study of spiders is called: ✓Arachnology

61. Excess of SGOT/AST in the blood is the symptom of:


Myocardial infarction



62. Treatment of removal of stones from gallbladder and kidneys is called:




63. Which is a landlocked country? Kenya ✓Nepal

64. Gulbadan Bano Begum is Humayun’s:



65. Annulment of Bengal took place in which British King rule:

George I

George II

George IV

✓George V

66. Which Arab Gulf state accepted Israel at first?

Bahrain ✓UAE Oman

67. Lala Lajpat Rai is the founder of which political party?

✓Arya Samaj

Unionist Party

All India Muslim League


68. Which one is a metal?





69. Which instrument is used to measure rain?

✓Rain gauge


70. Who discovered the first vaccine?

✓Edward Jenner

71. Latest anti-militancy military operation in Pakistan:

Zarb-e-Azb ✓Radd-ul-Fasaad

72. Shortcut key for undo text in MS Word? ✓Ctrl+Z

73. Process of conversion of gas to liquid is called:

✓Condensation evaporation sublimation

74. Trade without tariffs on imports and exports is called:

✓Free trade Non-tariff barrier

75. Correct the selected part of the sentence.

I am tired as *I am working* since morning.

✓I have been working I had been working


76. Liquids that can evaporate are called:




none of these

77. 60 men do a piece of work in 40 days. In how many days 40 men
complete the same work?

✓60 days

78. Hijr-e-Aswad is the stone placed in Holy Kaaba. Aswad means:





79. Find the value of x in 3x-15-6=0? ✓7

80. Devices used to display data are called:

Communication devices

storage devices

✓ output devices

input devices

81. What happens on the cooking meals for a longer time?

✓Reduces the nutrition value of food

82. Which is the deepest lake in the world?

Lake Victoria

✓Lake Baikal

83. Change the voice of the sentence: “Do you know my father?”

✓Is my father known to you?

84. Change the narration of the sentence: “Have you laughed at them?”

✓Have they been laughed at by you?

85. Which is the largest Edhi service in the world? ✓Ambulance service

86. Which element in Earth’s atmosphere absorbs ultraviolet radiation?




87. Jobbery means: ✓conduct of public business

باغ باغ ہونا کا مفہوم کیا ہے؟ بہت خوش ہونا ✓ .88

چہار شنبہ ہفتے کا کونسا دن ہے؟ بدھ✓ .89

90. Phrase “Once in a blue moon” means:

✓on rare occasions

once in a week

once in a month

91. Angela Merkel is head of which country: ✓Germany