Five dynasty rules on sub continent

Five dynasty rules on sub continent

Five Dynasty rules on sub continent (S.K.T.S.L)

Imported information regarding the Five dynasty rules on subcontinent by the Muslim rulers is as follows:


1. Slave or Mamulak Dynasty (1206-1290)

slave dynasty rules

The first from the Five Dynasty Rules is Slave Dynasty, which was founded by Qutub ud din Aibak who was credited with the establishment of first Muslim sultanate in the sub-continent. The rulers of slave dynasty were all the Turks.
Qutub ud din Aibak was succeeded by his son in law Shams udin iltumish in 1210. In the early years of his region he was faced threats from Nasirudin Qabecha of Multan and the khilji ruler of Bengal and Bihar, Ali Mardan khan. Iltutimish was able to subdue both khilji and Qabacha but the khilji threat did not go away and many years later they were eventually successful in taking over Delhi. Iltumish was succeeded by his daughter Razia sultana in 1236. She has the distinction of being the first female Muslim ruler of the sub-continent. Although a very competent ruler, her only disqualification was that she was a woman, thus she was unable to survive very long time and was murdered in 1240 and replaced by his half brother Bahram shah. Another famous ruler of this dynasty was Ghaisud din balbone , was a Turkish slave. He ascended the throne of delhi in 1266. And restored law and order. The slave dynasty ended when the khiljis appeard to take charge of the throne of delhi.


2. Khilji dynasty (1290-1320)


khilji dynasty rulesThe second from the Five Dynasty Rules is Khilji Dynasty, which was founded by Jalaludin khilji, at the age of 70. He was succeeded by his nephew Alaudin khilji who became the first Muslim ruler to conquer centeral and southern India. He died in 1316 and was succeeded by Mumbarak shah who proved to be the last ruler of the khilji dynasty.





3. Tughlak Dynasty(1320-1412)

tughlaq dynasty ruleThird from the Five Dynasty Rules is Tughlak Dynasty founded by Ghaisud din Tughliq in the year 1320A.D. He ruled delhi for five years and was killed in 1325 by his own son Juna khan or Muhammad Tughliq who became the ruler of delhi. In 1398, Timor invaded the sub-continent and decimated whatever came in his way.his invasion shook the Tughlaq dynasty to its core and ultimately in 1412A.D the Tughliq dynasty went into oblivion for good.


4. Sayyid Density (1414-1451)

sayyid dynasty rule

Fourth from the Five Dynasty Rules is Sayyid Dynasty founded by Khizr Khan who appointed as a nominee by Timor to delhi. It lasted till 1451. And four Sulatns ruled Delhi during this time. Last one was Shah Alam who was happy to retire in peace after giving his authority to rule to Bahlol Khan Lodhi, the first Pathan sultan of Delhi.




5. Lodhi Dynasty ( 1451-1526)

lodhi dynasty rule
Last of Five Dynasty Rules is Lodhi Dynasty. Bahlol Lodhi was succeeded by Sikander lodhi. The last ruler of Lodhi dynasty was Ibrahim Lodhi defeated by Babur in the first battle of Panipat in 1526..





• Delhi Sultanate and Islam

Majority of saints and Sufi came to the Indian sub continent in the reign of Delhi sultanate. These Sufis played an important role in spreading the teaching of islam.

• Mughal Dynasty (1526-1857)

The mughal empire

Mughals ruled India from the 1526 till 1857, founded by Bbur who had descended from the Turik conqueror Timor on his father side and from Mangol ruler Genghis Khan on his mother’s side

Mughal dynasty in India was  the famous dynasties which ruled India from 1526-1707 . Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi in the battle of Panipat and started this famous dynasty of Mughals in India. Mughal dynasty ruled India from 1526 – 1707.  The most important rulers of this dynasty are:



Rulers of Mughal

Babur (1526-1530)
Humayon (1530-1555)
Akber (1555-1605)
Jahangir (1605-27)
Shah Jahan (1628-58)
Aurangzab (1658-1707)


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