Current Affairs Most Important Topics Questions


Current Affairs Most Important Topics Questions

1-National Action Plan (NAP) & internal security of Pakistan & counter-terrorism measures

2-China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

3-How to improve the economy of Pakistan

4-Middle East Situation

5-Strategic competition between China and the US and its impact

6-Electoral reforms to improve the electoral system of Pakistan

7-Good Governance

The 8-Water conflict between India and Pakistan

9-Role of political parties in Pakistan Politics

10-Current socio-political and security situation in Afghanistan

11-Pak-China relations

12-Pak-US Relations

13-Kashmir Issue between India and Pakistan

14-Energy crisis in Pakistan

15-Pakistan’s role in Common Wealth & UNO

16-Corruption in Pakistan

17-Political instability in Pakistan

18-Climate change impac

19-Panama Papers Leaks Issue

20-US Current Foreign Policy

21-Pak Russia relations


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