SPSC Agriculture Officer MCQs Notes Past Papers


SPSC Agriculture Officer MCQs Notes Past Papers

The soil Survey of Pakistan has identified classes of land under a system of land capability classes: Eight classes

Highest nutrient concentration causes a phenomenon in plant growth known as: Toxicity

KATJA is cultivar of:Apple

Inqlab-91 is a cultivar of: Wheat

Cotton is: Fiber

NMR stands for: Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

The science of vegetable production is called olericulture.

The actual amount of water present in the air is called absolute humidity.

The rearing of honeybees is called Apiculture.

The artificial removal of the stamens from the flower before the dehisce is called emasculation.

The science of fruit production is called Pomology.

Scirtothrips citri is a pest attacking Citrus.

Rearing a silkworm is known as sericulture.

Mangifera indica is a botanical name of mango.

NAR stands for Net Assimilation Rate.

Copying of m RNA into protein is termed as translation.

The science of classification is called: Taxonomy

Grapes cultivation is called: Viticulture

Tomato is a good source of vitamin: Vitamin C


Who discovered the circulation of blood: William Harvey

The disease caused by the deficiency of iodine in the human body:  Goiter

Which instrument is used to measure pressure: Manometer

What does Angstrom measure: Speed of ships

The unit of current is: Ampere

The unit of energy in MKS system is: Joule


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