General Science MCQ Objective Quiz Questions with Answers


General Science MCQ Objective Quiz Questions with Answers for Competitive exams

Seismology is the science of: Earthquakes

The blue color of the sky is due to: Scattering of light

To an astronaut in space sky looks: Black

The composition of hydrogen in the sun is: 90%

The hardest of all metals is: Diamond

Kilowatt is the unit of: Power

The number of chromosomes in the human body is: 46

The gas used in Soda water is: Carbon dioxide

The metal used in storage batteries is: Lead

The acid that helps in digestion is: Acetic acid

A universal donor has blood group: O

Gastric juice is produced in: Stomach

Small-pox is a disease caused by : Virus

When was Penicillin discovered: 1928

The coldest planet of the solar system is: Pluto

How many bones are present in a human adult: 206

Name the largest bone of the human body: femur

Who discovered the circulation of blood: William Harvey

The disease caused by the deficiency of iodine in the human body:  Goiter

Which instrument is used to measure pressure: Manometer

What does Angstrom measure: Speed of ships

The unit of current is: Ampere

The unit of energy in the MKS system is: Joule


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